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Held on the first anniversary of the tragic events in Ukraine, this conference symbolizes international solidarity!

We must resist the fascist regimes around the world that were brought to power on American bayonets. Progressive mankind rejects violence and humiliation; we resist informational, economic and political pressures, the purpose of which is to divide our nation.
Our friendship and solidarity demonstrate the possibilities of cooperation between civil society in Russia and the United States. The campaign launched against the Ukrainian people by the West brought a colossal pain to us. Millions of people were affected by the armed conflict in the Novorussia. On the first anniversary of the fascist coup in Kiev, we state with all responsibility that we take a side of social justice and support the aspirations of people for peaceful existence. We condemn the violence demonstrated by Ukrainian assassins! We condemn the terrorist attacks prepared by the Ukrainian nationalist organizations! We get on par with patriots of Donetsk and Lugansk in fighting with pro-Western contract killers! Today we all are children of Donbass and Lugansk!
In recent years, human rights have become a bargaining chip in the dirty political games. This situation plays a harmful role in the development of civil society and violates international law, which is unacceptable in the 21st century. We also oppose political repressions, and in our hearts today are Rasmea Odeh, Konstantin Yaroshenko and other prisoners of conscience!

We now stand on the brink of a new global crisis! We appeal to all fair people of the world, warning of dire consequences! Stand Up! Do not let them unleash a new World War! Our responsibility is to save the world for future generations! Political games of the transnational corporations and governments have gone too far! We have no moral right to leave let this situation get out of control and let the imperialists to redraw the world to their own liking. Workers in New York and Moscow, Damascus and London will get poorer and will be harassed and humiliates until they begin to fight for their rights! NATO convoys will continue to strike the sovereign states until their leaders do not recognize the need in international solidarity!

We are certain that we represent the will and vision of progressive people who want to live in a liberated world, without violence or oppression!

Our Slogan is: “Only solidarity! Only peace!”

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Signed by organizations:

  1. Committee to Stop FBI Repression

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