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Trump: Fewer Military Parades Means More “Jet Fighters”

Trump: Fewer Military Parades Means More “Jet Fighters”

Trump: Fewer Military Parades Means More “Jet Fighters”
August 17
17:33 2018

After postponing his coveted military parade—an event which 75 percent of respondents in a poll earlier this year said was not a good use of government funds—President Donald Trump shared with his Twitter followers on Friday that he’ll find another use for the money that would have paid for the parade: adding to the military’s already-massive collection of weapons.

“Now we can buy some more jet fighters!” Trump declared.

On Thursday, the Pentagon announced that the parade would not move forward this year, after estimates for the events cost jumped more than 600 percent from previous proposals. Officials told the Associated Press that the parade was expected to cost $92 million, up from the initial estimate of $12 million.

Trump quickly blamed the local government in Washington, D.C. for estimating the exorbitant cost—an accusation Mayor Muriel Bowser readily accepted.

Other critics derided Trump’s plan to travel to Paris in order to see France’s military parade once again, now that his own plans had fallen through.

Others condemned the president’s knee-jerk push for “more jet fighters” by pointing out much more worthwhile and pressing needs those funds could be used for:

In fact, several noted, the $92 million the parade would have cost would not even buy a single fighter jet.

It could, however, pay for clean water in Flint, Michigan, where water pipes are not scheduled to be replaced until 2020—with tens of millions of dollars left over.

Top Photo | President Donald Trump speaks during his meeting with members of his cabinet in Cabinet Room of the White House in Washington, July 18, 2018. Pablo Martinez Monsivais | AP

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