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Americans should ditch mainstream media and search truth: Author

Americans should ditch mainstream media and search truth: Author

Americans should ditch mainstream media and search truth: Author
April 08
11:52 2018

A “small psychopathic elite” is exploiting the mainstream media to stoke fears and deepen political division in the United States in order to solidify its complete dominance over American politics, says an author and political analyst.

Walt Peretto made the comments in response to a New York Times op-ed by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, in which she lambasted President Donald Trump for fomenting fascism in the US and across the globe.

“The reason why the powers — that should not be — have brought this despicable person out of her cave to write this op-ed is to further solidify the political psychological division between the left and right ideologies in the United States,” Peretto told Press TV on Saturday.

“Albright is the same creature who once said in a nationally-televised interview that her American foreign policy in Iraq that led to the deaths of an estimated 500,000 children ‘was worth it,’” he noted.

“This op-ed is designed to provide the Clinton supporting left fodder to further solidify their fears that Donald Trump is leading a racist nationalistic movement in the US and abroad in opposition to the supposed Democratic Party ideology of inclusiveness, peace, and social justice,” the analyst said.

“Meanwhile, the left in the United States is now obsessed with undermining the Second Amendment and making it difficult for the common people to own guns for their own protection against the same tyranny that Albright is warning us about,” Peretto pointed out.

“While Albright warns us of imminent fascism — her own party is obsessed with disarming the public in order to make it easier for authorities to push American society into a totalitarian surveillance police state as a sub-sector of a global one-world system defined by complete dominance and control by a small psychopathic elite,” he added.

Peretto argued that both Republicans and Democrats use the mainstream media that back them to reinforce the “political psychological division” through the battle between the two major political ideologies.

“The answer to these psychological operations is for the common people to turn off the mainstream media and research the truth behind the facades of corporate disinformation and propaganda and search for the truth behind the motives and means of government and the psychopathic mental pathologies that fuel these behaviors,” he concluded.

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