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Meeting against ISIS was prohibited in EU

Meeting against ISIS was prohibited in EU

Meeting against ISIS was prohibited in EU
January 05
00:56 2018

On the 26th of December 2017 the members of Muslim community of Belgium and at the same time competent citizens of this country came to the city hall in Brussels with appeals to stop the war in Syria, support the struggle with ISIS and terrorism. The slogans were like this: «NATO! Squeeze ISIS, not Europe!», «Stop the confrontation in Syria! The only enemy is terrorism!», «The Warsaw Pact collapsed, so why do we need NATO?», «There are no soft terrorists! USA must stop supporting the evil!», «The United States prevents peace in Syria!», «US can destroy Syria, but what about restoring it?».

The organizers of the event appealed politicians of European Union to think why spend billions of dollars on armament, expanding of NATO if the whole world shouts that the USA supports terrorism? Such policy of the Americans has led to the situation that nowadays followers of Islam are seen as terrorists.

By the report of one of the organizers, they tried to get the permission for the carrying out of this action. Beginning from the October 2017 the city authorities were repeatedly sent letters with a request to coordinate time and place of the action. However European officers handed down refuses under different pretexts (mainly with the formulations “complicated political situation”).


Indignation of the event participants was caused by the fact that at the same time in numerous districts of Brussels different processions and mass-meetings took place, including homosexuals. Members of the Muslim community took it as personal offense, since they are also citizens of European Union and shouldn’t endure such oppressions.

From the first minutes the action was suppressed by the police and army subdivisions although it had exceptionally peaceful character and appealed to peace. It seems that in Europe “peace” has another meaning.

Despite the absence of the hint on the resistance, police considered it necessary to arrest a few participants and use “democratic” rubber batons, and to tear apart the posters and banners right away. As it became clear later, the arrested were threatened that if they try to open this subject once again and announce about their civil attitude they will be arrested and expelled from the country. And this happens when they are citizens of Belgium!

This is peaceful Europe.

The time will show to what results this captation before USA and their creation NATO will lead. But now we already see that “democratic and lawful” Europe violates the basic rights of a man without hesitation.

P.S. Bravery of the participants of the action turned out to be beyond the threats of the policemen and in the evening small group of the participants (with posters although they were not large) walked in the significant places of the central part of Belgium capital.






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