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Support Diplomacy – Not War – With North Korea.

Support Diplomacy – Not War – With North Korea.

Support Diplomacy – Not War – With North Korea.
June 15
17:50 2017

Tensions are rising on the Korean peninsula, and we’re inching closer to all out war, or worse, a nuclear catastrophe.


In recent weeks, the erratic, reckless Trump Administration has ratcheted up tensions and threatened what Trump called a “major, major conflict.” Trump has sent aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, and a host of other military forces towards North Korea. North Korea has launched ballistic missile tests.

Thankfully, despite the deafening drums of war, there is at last a voice for peace. South Koreans just elected a new, progressive president, Moon Jae-in, who campaigned on a pledge to halt hostility and engage in diplomacy. Moon has already suspended deployment of a U.S. missile system.

Later this month, Moon is traveling to Washington to meet Trump.

Add your name to let President Moon know that the U.S. public supports his efforts for a peaceful resolution to the crisis with North Korea.

Partner organizations on this petition are: Arms Control Association, Daily Kos, Global Zero, Just Foreign Policy, Peace Action,, WAND,, Win Without War, World Beyond War.

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