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Poland Adopts Anti-Russian Defense Doctrine to ‘Get More Aid’ From Washington

Poland Adopts Anti-Russian Defense Doctrine to ‘Get More Aid’ From Washington

Poland Adopts Anti-Russian Defense Doctrine to ‘Get More Aid’ From Washington
May 25
17:54 2017

Poland wants to use its new defense doctrine, which singles out Russia as posing the greatest threat to the Eastern European country, to receive more assistance from the United States, political analyst Alexander Asafov told Radio Sputnik.

“Poland will also legitimize its recent big-ticket purchase of the Patriot missile system with this document. The agreement is worth the entire defense budget of the country. Poland can’t cover these costs. In other words, the doctrine is a means of displaying loyalty and agreeing to certain credit terms on arms deliveries from the United States,” he


The new doctrine, available on the Ministry of National Defense’s website, also entails boosting Poland’s military capabilities. Polish Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz said that in 12 years the national armed forces would be capable of defending the country on their own and pledged to boost military spending to 2.5 percent of GDP.

However, according to Asafov, the country does not have the resources to reform its armed forces, an issue which the doctrine is also meant to resolve.

In addition, Poland has used this opportunity to reaffirm that it has aligned itself with the United States when it comes to NATO, the analyst added.

“Germany was open to the idea of creating the European Union’s armed forces after Trump said that Berlin owed the US ‘vast sums of money.’ In this case Poland has pledged allegiance to its overlord and made a deal,” he explained. 

Asafov also said that Polish authorities appear to be trying to resolve domestic issues since many in the country are unhappy with NATO’s assertiveness and Warsaw’s close relations with Washington.


“Last year, anti-NATO slogans were visible at a traditional march held on National Independence Day. The Polish leadership, particularly the president and the defense minister, have valued and relied heavily on America’s assistance. They are showing the people that the support for NATO must only become more pronounced in the country,” the analyst explained.

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