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What N Korean Leader is Doing While World Trembles With Fear of Nuclear War

What N Korean Leader is Doing While World Trembles With Fear of Nuclear War

What N Korean Leader is Doing While World Trembles With Fear of Nuclear War
April 24
16:36 2017

While the chilling prospect of war between the US and North Korea has been edging ever closer in recent months, it looks like North Koreans remain unfazed
by Washington’s threats of military retaliation for Pyongyang’s nuclear tests and
missile launches.

On April 22, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un toured the abattoir at the Thaechon Pig Farm, which supplies the country’s military, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported.

Kim was snapped inspecting pig pens and carcasses as he familiarized himself with the everyday work of the Thaechon Pig Farm of the Air and Anti-Air Force of the Korean People’s Army and offered field guidance to the workers.

He praised the system of automated production control and analysis installed at the facility and the good job done by its workers, which he
said filled him with pride and hope that the North Korean people will be well fed and the country will survive against all odds.

Kim Jong-un said he appreciated the “heroism of the soldiers and officers of our Air Force and Air-Defense units who managed to build a modern facility in line with Party decrees.”

The North Korean leader said he was confident that the workers of the Thaechon Pig Farm  would produce even more meat and meat products for the country’s military pilots.

Kim Jong-un then took part in a photo session with the workers of the Thaechon Pig Farm.

On April 15, North Korea held a military parade on Pyongyang’s central Kim Jong-il square to commemorate its most important national holiday, known as the “Day of the Sun.”

Tensions between Pyongyang and Washington have soared in recent weeks as the United States has stepped up its warnings to North Korea over its missile program and nuclear weapons tests.

During a visit to South Korea on April 17, Vice President Mike Pence said “the era of strategic patience is over” and warned that military options against the North have not been ruled out.


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