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Poroshenko Leading Ukraine to ‘Palace Coup’ by ‘Playing Along With Radicals’

Poroshenko Leading Ukraine to ‘Palace Coup’ by ‘Playing Along With Radicals’

Poroshenko Leading Ukraine to ‘Palace Coup’ by ‘Playing Along With Radicals’
March 22
13:15 2017

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko blamed Ukrainian radicals for Kiev having lost control over the situation in the eastern regions of Donbass. According to the Ukrainian leader, the blockade of Donbass by radicals risks plunging Ukraine into “anarchy” and violence.

As a result of the blockade, Ukraine lost its last sphere of influence in this territory,” Poroshenko said, as broadcast by the 112 Ukraina television channel.

The president added that the blockade has negatively affected the entire country and its economy, including energy, the steel industry and the national budget.

In late January, a group of former participants of Ukraine’s military operation in Donbass, including several lawmakers, blocked traffic on several segments of freight rail lines running from the territories uncontrolled by Kiev. The blockade led to irregularities in supplies of anthracite coal from Donbass, leading to power shortages in Ukraine and prompting Kiev to declare an emergency in the energy sector.


On Thursday, Poroshenko put into force a decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine to halt transport connection with the self-proclaimed Donbass and Lugansk People’s Republics until the ceasefire was fully established in the region. Thus, the Ukrainian leader de facto legitimized the blockade.

Poroshenko explained that the decision was forced, in a bid to prevent the country from plunging into “chaos.”

According to Vadim Kolesnichenko, President of the International Council of the Russian Compatriots, the Ukrainian president has found himself at an impasse.

“There is struggle going on against him [President Poroshenko]. The situation is not favoring him, and he’s trying to blame Ukrainian radicals for the problem. Poroshenko understands that his presidential term is expiring. He has one-two months or maybe half a year. In fact, now he is not controlling Ukraine,” Kolesnichenko


According to the expert, Poroshenko is “playing the role” written for him by radicals.

Despite his rhetoric, Poroshenko turns a blind eye to the radicals’ actions and this may backfire in the near future.

“The next change of power in Ukraine could be even more radical. There will be no mass protests and revolutions. In fact, it will be a palace coup. Either Poroshenko will be forced to step down or he will be removed from power by force, by so-called activists. By playing along with radicals, Poroshenko is signing his own death warrant,” Kolesnichenko concluded.

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