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Abkhazia – a bridge between Russia and Turkey or a new level of the policy in the Middle East

Abkhazia – a bridge between Russia and Turkey or a new level of the policy in the Middle East

Abkhazia – a bridge between Russia and Turkey or a new level of the policy in the Middle East
February 27
10:16 2017

The contemporary geopolitics is particularly a multiple-vector and many-sided activity, and it`s essence is determined by a great number of global and regional actors. Changing status quo not only depends on resources and possibilities, but also on positions of the various subjects. For example, we can see that in relations between Russia and Turkey in 2016 year. Today, in early 2017 there was one more scenario, which can have influence on the system of international relations, especially in the Middle East.

There were opponents of the opinion about reconstruction Russia and Turkey`s entente cordiale in spring of 2016. They put off this idea for another time: when leaders will be replaced, when the political circumstances and events in the word will be more appropriate. But, at that very time were people, who just think so…

Russian SU-24 bomber, which took part in the military operation in Syria against ISIL, was shot down by Turkish military, pilot died. Economic sanctions against Turkey, imposed by Russia. The attempt of military coup in Turkey. Seven months of silence and unwillingness to conciliate both sides after the tragedy. Situation was deteriorating so quickly, that independent experts began talk at once about the third side, which control the situation and distort the truth intentionally.

There are Abkhazians, who are small in number, but they began take part in world policy at this time. Their appearance was not planed, and had no any scenario obviously. They had their own planes. A round table in Sukhumi was hold in April 22, 2016. Abkhazia, Russia and Turkey where participants of the round table. The main theme of the round table was Russian-Turkish relations. And one and a half month after it participants planned a meeting in Moscow.

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“There are some third sides, interfered in Russian and Turkey relations, and resulted in such situation, as we can see now. We must not allow others to interfere in our bilateral relations” – the manager of Ankara politological center, Hasan Konbolat said. He took part in Sukhumi meeting in Moscow. Why exactly Abkhazians became this bridge between Russia and Turkey? Only because of this country is squeezed between two big states? The answer is simple. According to the history, Russia, Abkhazia and Turkey were always kindred countries. Don`t forget, that half a million of Abkhazians live in Turkey, as many of them live in Russia, and only more than one hundred thousand live in the Republic of Abkhazia. There are hundred thousands of mixed Abkhazian-Turkish and Abkhazian-Russian families, living in Turkey. There are hundred thousands of Russians living in Turkey and the same amount of Turks live in Russia. Just these relations between people must be continued and developed, regardless of any crisis and other incidents. And whatever that overseas script writers has planed, whatever Turkey is a member of NATO and tried to join European Union, it don`t matter now. Abkhazian side just at that time announced absolutely new order of day, which based not only on political and economical fields, but also on the common history, culture and traditions of these countries. There is not many people who believe in such forecasts, but these forecasts proved to be accurate. Just these forecasts and position of Abkhazian people allowed to keep humanitarian relations, which changed the system of contemporary geopolitics and became a strong basis for the further dialogue.

“In such a situation USA is very far, and Russia is very close. But nevertheless I think that in this situation Russia is kindred country, and USA is not. <…> Therefore, I think, that whatever Turkey is a member of NATO and other factors, which we can take into account, Turkey’s foreign policy must be directed by the peoples demands. There is a proverb: “drop wears away the stone”. We will with common efforts from all sides chisel, chisel and chisel, and achieve the result set. Because we have no another way. Helping each other, we chose this way for many times. It includes establishment of a new parliament Turkey, in the form that it existed, starting at the moment of establishment of the Republic of Turkey in 1923. Abkhazian leaders contribute to national liberation struggle of Turkish people. We are relied by this. And it is known, that Kemal Ataturk`s time of governing is the best time of Russian-Turkish relations. This is a good example of friendly relations.” – Hasan Konbolat said.

At the same time common festival of Caucasian culture, various exhibitions and scientific conferences were organized. All of these plans is still working. As it is planed, round table, called “Abkhazians and Abazines in Russian-Turkish relations (early XX th century)” was hold in St. Petersburg at the end of December, 2016. Just Abkhazian-Russian-Turkish initiative, which was create by small number peoples, and became the main one for improvement of relations between Russia and Turkey, allowed to continue the dialogue between two countries, and opened a new page in the life of Turkey, and provided Turkey with the opportunity to see what is USA, NATO and EU.

What is more, small Abkhazia had particularly outdone leaders of American foreign policy, who were under the direction of Barack Obama. All over the world was clear that Americans failed to stir up the conflict between Russia and Turkey. They also failed in regulation of the situation in the Middle East. Only establishment of a new strategic bloc, members of which should be Moscow, Ankara, Teheran, Baku and other neighboring countries, can stabilize situation in the Middle East and reduce the negative influence of third countries on the huge region. So, we can ask Abkhazians how right these forecasts. Especially as they plan to continue to be as a mediator between main countries, who are leaders in the whole region.

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