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US, Russia to ‘Devise a Joint Strategy’ to Stabilize Situation in Ukraine

US, Russia to ‘Devise a Joint Strategy’ to Stabilize Situation in Ukraine

US, Russia to ‘Devise a Joint Strategy’ to Stabilize Situation in Ukraine
February 02
17:31 2017

Policymakers in Moscow and Washington will come up with a joint plan to assist Ukraine and resolve the civil war plaguing the country, Polish political analyst and former MP Andrzej Zapalowski told Poland reporters, warning that Ukrainian nationalists will make every effort to undermine this initiative.

US President Donald Trump “will strive to alleviate tensions between the United States and Russia. The Ukrainian issue will be significant in this respect,” he said.

Zapalowski described Ukraine, home to over 40 million people, as a country “on the brink of economic collapse.”

“Not a single state in the world wants to support and fund Ukraine unless Kiev embarks on fundamental reforms. Neither Russia, nor the United States can afford [such assistance]. As a result, Moscow and Washington will join efforts to devise a strategy aimed at stabilizing the situation in Ukraine,” he said.

Nationalist rally outside Russian diplomatic missions in Ukraine

The main challenge to these efforts will come from Ukrainian nationalists. In the analyst’s view, they will “torpedo” any attempts to reach agreements.


“Primarily nationalist forces in Ukraine, but also the country’s current authorities that (to a large extent on a situational basis) have drawn upon the Ukrainian nationalism have fueled tensions not only with Russia, but also Poland and Hungary. Ukraine’s intent to return to the nationalism paradigm which existed 70-80 years ago is sheer madness,” he observed.

Zapalowski maintained that resolving the Ukrainian crisis will be a challenge which will “require major efforts” since the country’s economy has been destabilized and the society has been ruined.

“The first thing that the US, Russia and Poland must do is reaffirm their strong opposition to Ukrainian nationalism. Surely, there is always rivalry among different nations, but Poland and Russia must talk to each other to help

stabilize Ukraine since they are its neighbors. The United States is a global factor which can either facilitate or hinder this process. But no one and nothing can prevent Poland and Russia from fostering working relations with regard to this issue.”

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