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Ukraine Is a Bargaining Chip in Obama’s Hands.

Ukraine Is a Bargaining Chip in Obama’s Hands.

Ukraine Is a Bargaining Chip in Obama’s Hands.
January 11
18:26 2017

Today, only a lazy person does not notice that the outgoing US president and his administration are trying by hook or by crook to disturb the future work of Donald Trump as the head of the stateas much as possible. Over the past month, the Obama administration adopted many decisions, the sole aim of which is seen as creating difficulties for the new president. And we are not talking about the trivial matters, but the most important directions for the USA: economy and security.

Last weeks of Obamabeing on duty are difficult to characterize differently than “a mad printer”. Almost every day brings news of some other decisions taken by the current president that are openly confrontational. Although more than half of these decisions can be canceled without any difficulty, as they are carried out in the form of decrees, not laws approved by the Congress, they definitely introduce pain in the neck forTrump.

One of the Obamaattacks hit the US-Israeli relations, which was very unexpected. This was manifested in the adoption of anti-Israel resolution in the UN, where the US for the first time did not veto the decision of the Security Council directed against their key ally in the Middle East. There is little doubt that Trump will correct such a dramatical change in the political line of the US position and will get their groove back as he has never hidden his pro-Israeli stance. However, the Americans will likely have to make certain concessions to Israel in order to “make amends”, and it will be Trumpto have to solve this problem.

A significant part of the decisionsconcerns Russia. This gave an opportunity to a number of experts to argue that Barack Obama is deliberately worsening the situation as much as possible for Trump to get “blockage” in the US-Russian relations, which will take long to discuss.
At first glance, this statement seems to be not without reason. Here are only a few recently adopted Obama’s decisions.

– The Pentagon’s cooperation with the Russian Federation is prohibited until Russia ceases to take actions that allegedly “threaten the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and NATO members.”

– The US sanctions against Russia are expanded because of Syria and Ukraine.

– The order of supply of MANPADS of the Syrian opposition is approved.

– The establishment of Russia and China propaganda fighting centre at the State Department is supported.

According to the opinion of president of “System Analysis and Prediction Center” Rostislav Ishchenko, today there are three points where the United States could cause significant damage to Russian interests: Syria, the EU and Ukraine. And the Obama administration will concentrate on Ukraine, as it is almost an ideal field for the necessary provocation. The US perfectly knows that the destabilization of the situation in the Independent will have an impact on Russia, so surely Ukrain is to wait for a new coup. The activation of the Ukrainian crisis is able to complicate overall global situation for Russia. Especially if it is possible to spark a war on the whole territory of the country (with its still surviving nuclear power and chemical plants, as well as easily exploded Dnieper cascade of hydroelectric dams), the war of all against all, with inevitable millions of refugees. According to the expert, the coup in Ukraine all have long been ready, and a critically dangerous periodhas already come for Poroshenko.

Confirmation of Rostislav Ishchenko’s words is Obama’s move to allocate to Ukraine 350 milliondollars for military purposes.

In addition, the events of December 2016 in the area of the ATO suggest Ukrainian military preparations for large-scale actions. On the New Year eve Kiev concentrated more than 32,000 personnel and 2,000 vehiclesin the conflict zone of the Donbass region. In the evening, December 30,auxiliary power systems shelled villages Zaytsevo, Sahanka and Krasnoarmeisky. Sahanke and Krasnoarmeisky were fired from a large-caliber weapon.

There is too much coincidence, indicating the clear interest of the Obama administration in kindling of the war in Ukraine.

According to the American political analyst Daniel Patrick Welch, nothing good will come of the US actions to maintain the conflict in Donbas. Firstly, such an aggressive policy of Obama will lead to the collapse of Ukraine, as it has almost lost its independence, and secondly, it hits hard the credibility of the EU, UN, NATO, IMF and other organizations that showed their lack of independence and inconsistencyat the background of the Ukrainian crisis.

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  • johnplatinumgoss

    My own view is that the US is backing off. It’s got Ukraine’s gold (given by Yatsenyuk) in exchange for worthless dollars from the IMF that Kiev cannot pay back. The US has withdrawn its ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt who was behind the coup. Poroshenko is left holding the baby. Or is it a grenade. Europe does not want such an erratic member. Donbass can survive because the people there have a purpose. Porky wanted to turn them into slaves to make him richer. I hope when his time’s up he does not come to England. We have enough crooked Oligarchs gambling their ill-gotten gains in the gilt-edged square mile. These tossers, the likes of the late Boris Berezovky and Litvinenko, should stay where they are and suffer the consequences of their crimes. We don’t want them. Thanks Constantine of the Sharks.