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Corruption as a US Intelligence Instrument

Corruption as a US Intelligence Instrument

Corruption as a US Intelligence Instrument
October 23
12:36 2016

In his article “Blatant Corruption on Service to the CIA” on the information portal political scientist Franz Krumbayn writes that the United States has used such an influence instrument as “the Virus of Corruption” for more than half a century.The US systematically declares that it has no corruption, and it actively fights this scourge all over the world. If this is true, then there should be examples of corruptioneradication under Washington’s supervision. But we haven’t got any yet. The US allocates huge funds for such programs, has great resources, both human and technical, actively develops a network of specially created funds. What is the reason for the “failure” of Washington in fighting corruption in Third World countries?

The answer is self-explanatory. It’s no secret that the White House frequently conducts a double-faced policy. This is the very case. Pretending fighting corruption it promotesits advisors into government agencies of the countries which are interesting for the US, and the advisers, in their turn, adopt various schemes of withdrawing funds to offshore accounts, tax evasion, fraud with bank accounts, etc. Such a state of things is beneficial for Washington. Firstly, by means of corruption schemes, advisers or the above-mentioned funds the USA controlsdirectly serious financial channels in the economy of the countries it is interested in. Secondly, denouncing the fact of corruption, officials’ dishonor, the White House brings pressure on countries at the conclusion of international agreements, making them accept unprofitable and often devastating conditions.

Today, a huge number of advisers from the United States and USAID FundMissions are concentrated in the countries of Central Asia. Many examples of “the Virus of Corruption”implementation can be given in this region.

In 2010, a serious corruption scandaleruptedaround the family of the former President of Kyrgyzstan KurmanbekBakiyev, there werea number of sues. Since 2005, Bakiyev clan controlledjet fuelsupplies to the US airbase inManas. As it follows fromcriminal proceedings initiated in Kyrgyzstan,the US militaries were involved in the corruption schemes too. The contract for the fuelsupply to the base was signed with companies Red Star and Mina Corp.registered in Gibraltar, whose activities were coordinated by Charles Squires – a former US military attache in Bishkek. As subcontractors, these offshore structures attracted small companies controlled by the president’s son Maxim Bakiyev [1] . The annual profit could reach 70-80 million dollars.

Another example concerns the penetration of American capital into the oil and gas sector of Central Asia. This process was accompanied by large-scale corruption schemes. In the 1990s, the advisor to President NursultanNazarbayevwas US citizen James Giffen. He was one of the most influential mediators between the government of Kazakhstan and American business; in particular, he contributed to the establishment of West control over the main source of Kazakh oil – the Tengizoil-field. In 2003, he was arrested on charges of a bribe transfer in the sum of 84 million dollars, which was intendedfor Kazakhstan Administration for access to oil resources [2]. The Americans failed to tarnish the reputation of the President of Kazakhstan at that time. In 2010, after the CIA interference in the proceeding D.Giffen was fully justified.

In the US, there is a special concept of “the Corruption Virus Intrusion Operation”for such corruption schemes. This expression appeared in the sidelines of the American security agencies and it is mutually developed by a number of political scientists and experts from the Department of Transition Initiatives (it is a part of the structure of USAID – United States Agency for International Development). There is very little information about this department on the Internet, because by means of it the agency finances subversive operations throughout the world, which are not notified even at the US Congress.

“The Corruption Virus Intrusion Operation” is one more form of intrusion into the sovereignty of developing countries and countries of the “Third World”, a method of covert influence, implementation of corruption, leading to consciousness cachexy of officials and forming lack of confidence to them, and in their person to the public institutions on the whole, among the entire population of the country.

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2. Toguzbaev K. “Kazakhgate” is buriedin the US, but it can be revived in Kazakhstan, opponents say / KazysToguzbaev // Radio Azattyk: website. 2010. 23 November.

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