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Polish journalist: Polish government is to send its Special Forces to Syria

Polish journalist: Polish government is to send its Special Forces to Syria

Polish journalist: Polish government is to send its Special Forces to Syria
September 05
16:41 2016

By Michal Mazur

Polish government is prepared to send to Syria Polish Special Forces (including elite GROM units). Not that many of them, but these guys are pretty tough. Preparations had started quite a while ago, now are very advanced, to my best knowledge.

This week one of my friends had spoken to a wife of a certain Polish war correspondent, and she accidentally mentioned that her husband will be going to Syria WITH OUR TROOPS (which most likely meant Special Forces). She’s certainly not the one who confuses Syria with Iraq etc. – being a person of media background as well, like her husband.

My friend turned pale, shocked – as he’s also one of those who support independent Syria. Noticing reaction of my friend, she tried to downplay what she said earlier, stating that “it will be just a training mission or something”. We know such “training missions” very well…

I tried to check something, so I decided to ask a question “Do you know that our Special Forces are planned to be deployed to Syria?” to some well-informed people, including those linked with state agencies / individuals, with whom I used to talk about many complicated political issues. They were always very responsive and fairly open about different things, even those sensitive ones (but not the classified ones, of course). I was thinking they will say something like “we have no information about it” or “No, that’s not true” or something like that. But now, they just keep silent. Silence is sometimes more powerful than a thousand words…

Moreover, on 28th of September military drills (including special forces) were held in Gdańsk, northern Poland. Among guests watching were our president Andrzej Duda, our MOD Antoni Macierewicz and… king Abdullah II of Jordan. We only found out because there was a tragic accident – one of GROM members had died, smashed between a ship’s side and a dockyard wall, while the other one got a spinal injury after unfortunate jump from a helicopter onto ship’s deck.

They have not even departed yet, but there is one dead and one crippled already.

Presence of king Abdullah, well-known from his hatred towards rightful authorities of Syria and from supporting terrorism, is pretty much self-explanatory…

We do not have any hints pointing where precisely in Syria they plan to deploy our Special Forces. Kurdish self-proclaimed entity in northern Syria could also be taken into a consideration – but nowadays, after recent US-Turkey talks, it’s more likely they will be out of the question – and our Special Forces will enter Syrian soil from the territory of Jordan. And not alone (well, their number has never been huge) but as a part of much larger operation…

From quite a long time some independent experts were repeatedly warning about a possibility of a second anti-Syrian front being opened from the border with Jordan. It’s also a well-known fact that countless trainging camps (supervised by both CIA and Jordan’s secret services) with hundeads of fanatic “rebels” are based in this country.

Furthermore, in scope of recent attempts to denigrate Syrian authorities even more (in order to deprive civilian areas loyal to Syrian govt. of UN’s humanitarian aid) it becomes even more likely that US and allies will launch a massive attempt (probably decisive and a final one) to turn the tables.

I’d like to apologize on behalf of my nation, as most of our people wouldn’t support that invasion, thinking it’s always the best to stay out from such sort of agressive policy. In fact, many Poles support president Assad and the rightful government of Syria. No matter of the history of tensions between Poland and Russia. This is why so many people were angry couple of months ago, when one of our MOD’s assistants had suggested that Polish special forces might be deployed to Syria as well (they are currently stationing in Kuwait and Iraq). Back then, our MOD has reitarated this statement. And earlier this year, in February, our president attempted to calm down the public, saying that “Polish troops will rather not become a part of ground operation in Syria”. But he said “rather”, not “certainly”.

Polish politicians know very well that people are much against any foreign involvement of our troops. And in particular, the public won’t support using them against president Assad.
Moreover, an attack on Russia’s ally (Syria) might be a potential casus belli for Kremlin, if it wished to go to war against Poland.

That’s one of the reasons why our govt. wanted to keep that secret… yet apparently, they are not the best ones in ‘secrecy’. Same about our mainstream journos. They are also not the best ones in making war propaganda: the reason behind taking journos with the soldiers is most likely to convince public opinion in Poland that these radicals fighting in Syria are “freedom fighters”, “countering Russian invasion” etc. – but none of these will work out. People know the truth already – and also, over the course of last decades we grew more resistant and suspicious towards any sort of propaganda.

We hope that our government has still an option to withdraw from this madness.
I was told to keep silent until Monday (and not to publish anything for Polish-speaking audiences until then), but then it might be too late…

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