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Russians don’t want “Maidan”

Russians don’t want “Maidan”

Russians don’t want “Maidan”
February 26
15:39 2016

The intolerance for “Euromaidan” among Russians has only intensified over the past two years after the events in Kiev: the vast majority of Russian citizens don’t want Maidan in the country. However, for most Russians it is still unclear what was the background of the Maidan events. Those who say that they “understand” initial causes of Euromaidan are blaming the“wrong policies of the leadership of the country”.  Such sentiments have been recently revealed by Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM).

The attitude of Russians to Ukraine after two years since Euromaidan has been significantly worsening, as VTSIOM has found out in a recent survey. A year ago at least 60% of Russians had a “very good” and “good” attitude to Ukraine. Now only 50% of Russians have some warm feelings to the neighboring state. A “bad” or “very bad” attitude is now among 36% of Russian citizens (last year it was among 31%). The increase of negativity is associated not only with the memory of Euromaidan, according to a leading expert and consultant on electoral research VTSIOM Oleg Chernozub. “It’s not at all surprising after the blockade of Crimea, the non-payment of the debt, the blocking of Russian trucks, and other anti-Russian actions,” he said.

Meanwhile, the perception of the Maidan events has changed in the mass consciousness. If a year ago only 12% respondents saw Maidan as “anarchy, lawlessness, banditry”, now at least 34% of respondents think like this. Now fewer people who consider Maidan as “a coup d’etat” – the number of people supporting this idea has decreased from 25% to 18%.

The most difficult for Russians is to answer the question about the causes of those events. The majority (33%) are at a loss to answer (a year ago it was 38%). The second largest group (19%) still considers this as “U.S. provocation and the influence of the West”.

The majority of respondents don’t believe in revival of Nazi ideology in Ukraine, despite the fact that Euromaidan and civil war with Easter Ukraine are supported by far-right military groups and sympathizers for Nazi ideas and shameful history of collaboration with Hitler troops during WWII. Though, 81% of respondents think that Ukraine has not gained anything after Maidan, that’s why nobody of them wants Maidan happen in Russia.

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