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Aisha Gaddafi takes on leadership of resistance

Aisha Gaddafi takes on leadership of resistance

Aisha Gaddafi takes on leadership of resistance
February 02
01:14 2016

January, 29. The daughter of Muammar Gaddafi, the Leader of Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, which was overthrown in 2011, appealed to the Libyans. She asked them to join the forces of resistance and get ready for the struggle against NATO and terrorist cliques and wait for the moment of the rebuilding of their country.

She has written two letters in which she told that now she is in Eritrea.

She has announced herself at first time at first after her rescue from Algeria into Oman. Now she is the leader or resistance and the lieutenant-general of the Libyan army.

Aisha promises that the underground government will be organised in the near future and will consist of well-known Libyans who are faithful to Gaddafi. This government will act by authorised representatives both at home and abroad. Analysing the present situation she criticised formy army men for their anarchism, vendibility betrayal (she meant theit readiness to support the regime of persons who are ready to pay for this). Gaddafi´s daughter blamed these betrayors for using the green Jamahiria´s banner for the purpose of raking recruits and consolidation of power of tribes. According to her Toubou and Tuareg people are the separatists and ganged together with the government of Tobruk.

The soldiers of the Libyan National Army should adjure Aisha Gaddafi as the Commander-in-chief. «My name imposes on me the duty and gives me the right to be headed and ask for my loyalty in battle», – writes this brave woman who has lost her husband and two children during the war. Now she is ready to become a symbol of the nation and on par with Gaddafi´s portrait ask to get on board with her portrait as a symbol of the mission for the rebirth of national unity. She calls Libyans her children and compares herself with the mother who will fight for the children.

Talking about the terrorists of Al-Qaeda who overthrew Gaddafi in 2011 Aisha Gaddafi prophetically noted that they will be ruined by their own breath of madness: «Our strikes (are) – nothing compared with those that they caused themselves». Aisha is ready for the deadly combat in which the terrorists should face the whole nation. The struggle will be sought until the very end.

In conclusion she promised to write new treatments. Thi printed version of this one has been secretly distributed in both capitals of Libya – Tripoli and Tobruk. Also her speech is expected on local television.


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