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Iran to be role model for world: Analyst

Iran to be role model for world: Analyst

Iran to be role model for world: Analyst
January 25
16:22 2016

Press TV has interviewed Scott Bennett, a former US army officer in San Francisco, to discuss the implementation of the nuclear agreement between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries.

Following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: What do you think about the nuclear deal reached between Iran and the P5+1 and the fact of the implementation of the deal and all this fear-mongering still going on by Israel and some US officials?

Bennett: I think it is wonderful news that the deal was made of course because it gives Iran the chance to show the great culture and the great people that it is and that the rest of the world knows it is and no longer are we going to be falling victim to the propaganda put forth by the Israeli Mossad and the Zionist forces and the radical neo-conservative forces in the American government which have triggered these 9/11 wars as a false flag attack to conquer the world since 2001, September 11.

So this deal being passed gives Iran the room to really demonstrate its true character and its character of gratitude and graciousness and honor and development and industry and it is not about world conquest, it is not about starting wars, it is not about causing bloodshed, it is not about destroying Israel or putting Israel into the sea, all that propaganda has gone nowhere and finally the nations of the world who have always wanted this deal to pass because they always wanted to bring Iran into the fellowship of nations, it is finally happening and the only ones who are bitter against it are the warmongers, the violent bloody thugs who have never worn a military uniform or served.

Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush and Chris Christie and the Republican candidates including the Democrats – Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton – all of those are very violent people and they represent the worst of American character, the worst of the American sense of family. They are absolutely the worst role model.

So Iran is going to use this as its opportunity  to be a role model for the world and show the American citizens and the Europeans that Iran is America’s next best friend not the Wahhabist Salafist Saudi Arabians which have caused these wars with Israel and United States and it is the Wahhabists who have caused these refugees to flood Europe and cause all sorts of abusive citizens and Iran has a chance to say we are different, we are better and if you want to be friends with us, the conditions are to rejoice in humanity and rejoice in the beautiful things of life and put down and stop the weapons in the endless wars.

So I think Putin will celebrate this, China celebrates this, Scandinavia celebrates this, Scotland celebrates this, any nation that is a good nation with a good people celebrates this. The only nations that would not celebrate are the violent and the bloody nations.

Press TV: Well it has taken from 2003 to 2016, Iran has been under a lot of scrutiny, it has been criticized, it has been under surveillance and if the IAEA cannot silence the critics of this deal and to prove to them that Iran is not after atomic bomb, then what does this tell us about the true intentions of all this fear-mongering?

Bennett: Well it shows you that those who spread fear-mongering eat death, live on death and are the reflections of death and those people who celebrate this deal and want to generate opportunities for friendship are all about love and life and truth and that is the fundamental difference.

The United States and the American people have been ruled by a tyranny and a criminal element for 15 years and the American people have been abused and have been lobotomized and have suffered false flag attacks and deceitful attacks from Boston bombing to the San Bernardino attacks, all of which were managed at the very least by certain government forces within the intelligence and political apparatus of America. People are waking up to that. That is what we see in Oregon where the militia types have written up to Oregon to defend a poor lady who the government was trying to abuse and steal her land. They are not about overthrowing the American government or about overthrowing the tyrants who are stealing our freedoms. They are about overthrowing the liars who triggered these wars on September 11, 2001 and lied to Americans and told them that we were attacked by the Muslim world and that was a lie. We were attacked by our own Mossad, CIA, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and various other figures in the US government.

Now a lot of people are waking up to that and Iran coming up into the family of nations again can be a very dramatic and powerful personality to say, Americans we admire you only to the extent that you can be admirable, that you can be good, that you could be loving and truthful but when you spread bloodshed and violence and war and you lie about it such as what have been doing with ISIS (Daesh), you have been funding them through Swiss banks, you have been funding them through Abdulaziz – I have seen the bank accounts of Mr. Abdulaziz myself for Union Bank of Switzerland and we reported that to all the members of Congress and the military and they participated in the cover up. They buried it. They have been aiding and abetting the terrorists against the United States.

So as the truth is unfolding, the liars are being exposed, the fear-mongering is not going anywhere and it is going to be a very powerful time for Russia and China and Iran to rise up and say, all nations of love and truth and justice, they are about growth and celebrating humanity and celebrating our world join us and I think you are going to have a major realignment with the Europeans siding with Iran and I think it is a wonderful time for the Iranians to open up borders, to open up public relations, to open up a tour of Europe and bring over Europeans into Iran and show them graciousness and hospitality and it is a wonderful time to blossom in friendship and love and let those who oppose it, let them destroy themselves with their own hate and anger. They will.

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