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Analysis of the State of the Union address by president Barack Obama

Analysis of the State of the Union address by president Barack Obama

Analysis of the State of the Union address by president Barack Obama
January 15
14:19 2016

By Scott Bennett

The State of the Union Address seemed less a speech to a national assembly of the American Government and people, but more of a speech at a toastmaster happy hour for divorced singles.

Everything just looked odd, and unhealthy, and of course sounded worse.

The Arrival

Gray and gaunt, masking sadness under a snarky smile that chuckled a passive-aggressive contempt, Obama shuffled down the carpet like a Bee-Gee singer with an agonizing hemeroid, trying to unwrinkle his clammy brow in a veneer of fake gladness to see his former democrats teetering over the aisle, reaching to shake his hand like giddy metrosexual boys and girls at a Justin Timberlake concert. And even old Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg blocking the President’s stroll up the carpet to force him into a deep hug with her, her black robe rising to reveal a glimpse of lascivious corruption.

The scowling, expressionless faces of mannequins dressed in military uniforms of the Joint Chiefs. When Obama looked at them, they kept smiling like military men with bottomless budgets and easy slush jobs and new wars to waste their time and spend the blood and souls of Americans on. And his husband Michelle, watching from the stands with its characteristic underbite, and dressed in the yellow uniform of the banana republic Oligarchy America has fattened into. The clapping millionaires assembled in standing ovation, the camera panning over the opulence of Oligarchy Hall of Congress, showing McCain, Bernie Sanders; Senator Mitch McConnell looking like an old cobbler without his false teeth; then a yellow-faced Al Franken looking like a freshly castrated Jack Handy; a couple of painfully stern nuns, somehow suggesting Obama is a religious man…or perhaps the demoniac from the tombs by the name of Legion?

Diane Feinstein, scowling like her bladder infection was worsening or was her dual Israeli citizenship just revoked? Gabby Giffords looking like a lobotomized half wit staring into empty space. Then Nancy Pelosi tight lipped like lemon juice tightening her new injection of lip silicon and eye tuck plastic surgery. These were the faces looking upon him.

Then stopping on a frontal shot of the podium with him behind it and behind him, Vice President Joe Biden and House Speaker Paul Ryan pinking promising each other some man-love secret deal.

Then clasping his hands protectively over groin as he approaches the podium…symbolic of his shielding against truth soon to hit Democrats.

What was interesting about the speech of course was not what he said, but what he didn’t say… The truth he left out, the gaps he left missing, which of course he did intentionally in order to continue his pathological lies turning into endless war policies and nation disintegration and refugee invasions into Europe for the purposes of rape, plunder, and to frighten into a national police state where the bankers reign as the Philosopher-Priests.

His first line, always the most important, said it all: “I understand the expectations are low because of the election year…”, then launching into his old tired androgynous political drivel that promises everything through nothing practical or believable….a working family tax plan, class warfare, criminal justice reform, then prescription drug abuse help, Gay marriage, environmental “the sky is falling” fear-mongering, etc., etc.

“But for my final address, I want to focus on the next 5 years and 10 years. Our future.”

So he is trying to say there is no difference between us republicans or democrats?

Civil Rights? Fear the future? Slam the breaks on change? Like racism is still stifled?

In talking about the 2008 financial crisis which afflicted Americans, he didn’t mention that he as President worked with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and his Attorney General Eric Holder and Lanny Breuer to prosecute the Swiss Banker Brad Birkenfeld which had given them secret banking information which could have helped avoid it in 2007; and could have also stopped the Saudi Abdullah Azziz from funneling money through Swiss Banks from Benghazi up to Syria? Why didn’t Obama say this? Oh, because Robert Wolfe, Chairman of the Americas for UBS, paid Obama, two times. And Covington and Burling – the law firm representing Union Bank of Switzerland and HSBC—also had employed Eric Holder and Lanny Breuer (and now employ them again).

Obama didn’t mention this because it would have shown his participation in treason and terrorist financing against Americans, Europeans, Russians, and basically non-Wahhabi-Salafi moderate Muslims.

In talking about the US military and bringing troops home, he never said how his policies were intended to gut, weaken, and strip it of all moral sense; and homosexualizing it and forcing other nations to do the same in order to camouflage America’s own guilt of changing eternal natural law for the dark twisted sadomasochistic pleasure of moral rebellion.

He didn’t mention the American military officer who he ordered his Attorney General to unconstitutionally imprison and silence after he wrote a report showing that the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy change would be used to forecast the Benghazi uprising—since a State Department flyer advertising that homosexuality was not a disqualifier for State Department jobs was used to torch the fires at the embassy. And how the Wahhabi media constantly portrays the Americans as participants in bestiality, in order to inflame the Wahhabi-Salafists all over the Middle East. He didn’t mention this or the child pedophilia that was going on in Afghanistan by US troops being ordered by Obama civilian military policy makers to allow—and thereby partner—with the Afghan police and military to drag children kicking and screaming from villages into their sex abuse police stations? Things that were previously outlawed by the Taliban?

In talking about some mythical job creation streak, the longest in history with 14 million new jobs, he didn’t mention that these were second and third jobs people were taking to make up for the hours cut or layoffs that occurred because companies couldn’t afford the government red-tape and health care demands put upon them, and subsequently had to cut costs by limiting employees. He didn’t mention people are on half hours, and working half time. So they aren’t fully employed; they are under employed. So this was false economic data.

In talking about, “Our troops are the finest in the history of the world…no nation attacks us or our allies directly because they know that is the path to ruin. Our standing is the highest since coming to office. They don’t look to China or Russia to lead, they call us”, he doesn’t address the failed states from a catastrophic foreign policy that makes more enemies than friends in every conflict it enters and country it touches.

Obama also said Russia is pouring resources into Ukraine and Syria because they are slipping away from their orbit, instead of how Russia invested in Syria because of the Wahhabis going in and waging civil war, with the larger agenda to carry it into Europe.

Obama said “Priority one is going after terrorist networks and protecting American people both Al Qaeda and ISIS. Terrorists who have no value on human life or their own. They use the Internet to poison individuals in our country. We have to take them out.”

Obama talked about, “Fighters on the back of pick up trucks”, but he didn’t mention that the U.S. had given or allowed these trucks to reach them.

Obama talked about foreign policy— with a focus on Al Qaeda and ISIL; parts of Central America, Africa, Asia, may become new terrorist networks, which will make them new areas of American military industrial complex. So their long term agenda is to channel the central and south Americans up through Mexico into the US….similar to what they did in Europe.

Obama said, “Anyone claiming the American economic is in decline is peddling fiction”, but he didn’t mention how it is harder for young people to start their careers because of the minimum wage demand that stop young people from working in high school.

Obama talked about the glory of national healthcare mandates, but failed to mention how employers dropped most plans altogether, and people lost coverage due to tests and things that they didn’t need, but are now mandated.

Obama said, that our men aren’t engaged on the ground in these wars, but in a way they are, because they are engaged on boats, on planes, on satellites, in drone flying terminals; and they are in Libya, they are in Syria, and they are in Iraq. They are watching computer panels all over the world because we are all over the world and causing havoc and trouble and planting the seeds of coups like CIA in Ukraine with Victoria Nuland, all over the world.

He didn’t mention the American sailors being held in Iran…nor did he say it may have been a US military exercise that was intended to be caught, so that they could make a claim and make it political and use it as propaganda for this televised speech….of course the smartest thing Iran could do would be to release those sailors after giving them flowers, food, gifts from Iran, and giving them a story of Iranian hospitality so that they would be only able to say how nice their treatment was, and how stupid they were to fall into Iranian seas.

Now the US Congress and Fox News are going to try and spin this into a propaganda act of Khomeini capturing Americans, acting like “bully and tyrants” and “getting bolder”.

Tim Cotton is trying to stop the Iran deal because of this….and appease AIPAC…Sen. John Thune stood up and said Guantanamo wouldn’t be closed, which means he intends to continue capturing people to put in there and that means to continue the wars where they are caught.

No talk of the Wahabiists causing the terrorism, which Joe Biden reported, and of Obama supporting them, and giving them the Toyota trucks that they use….nor did Obama say that the “good forces he supports in Syria”, give guns, arms and food to ISIS to kill and shoot at the Russians. Obama also failed to mention how he is continuing to use the Saudis as the Mercenary funders of ISIS, which Vice President Biden reported.

Obama also failed to mention how he is continuing to use the Saudis as the Mercenary funders of ISIS, which Vice President Biden reported.

Finally Obama went on to say, “We must reject politics that targets people based on race or religion.”

So Obama is opening door for refugee resettlement in to the U.S., and saying we should remove all judgement from our analysis and judgement of the Wahhabi fanatic that Obama is unleashing on the rest of world, and most recently in Germany? And we see the success of that with the New Years Eve chaos where mass rapes and sexual assaults on German women by Muslim refugees were reported, yet hidden by German police. That’s immigration-refugee success? Sounds like invasion and government treason against their own German women themselves.

If this is a glimpse into the treatment American women can expect at future American 4th of July events by Muslim refugees drunk with sexual excitement at seeing loosely dressed Western women…I don’t think they will see this report as a healthy indicator of the State of the Union or Obama’s future.

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