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US politicians seeding ground for WWIII: Analyst

US politicians seeding ground for WWIII: Analyst

US politicians seeding ground for WWIII: Analyst
December 29
18:55 2015

The US politicians’ ‘dishonest’ policies against the Daesh (ISIL) Takfiri group are leading the world towards a Third World War, says an American counter-terrorism analyst.

Republican Representative Peter King, chairman of the US House subcommittee on counter-terrorism and intelligence, criticized President Barack Obama’s military solution to confront the terror group, arguing that those efforts have only resulted in a ‘stronger’ Daesh.

“After 15, 16 months of air attacks by the US, it has had really minimal impact on ISIS (Daesh), considering how long those attacks have been going on,” King, told Fox New on Sunday, referring to the group by an alternative acronym. “ISIS is stronger, I believe, than it was 16 months ago.”

US warplanes have purportedly been conducting airstrikes against Daesh terrorists in Iraq since the early August of 2014. Some US allies have also contributed to a similar aerial campaign in Syria that began in September that year.

“Peter King may get up on a podium and sound like a game show host, prescribing solutions and chattering and criticizing about Obama, but fundamentally he is not interested in solving this problem, and no one in the United States Congress is,” Scott Bennett told Press TV on Monday.

He argued that Congress politicians “have degenerated to a state where they can only remain in power if a menace exists.”

“If there is a threat, if there is a terrorist attack that is the only way that these politicians can hold on to power,” the counter-terrorism analyst noted.

Bennett accused people like King of abandoning their passion for peace and going after “a global American hegemony” that is only achieved through war.

“The level of corruption, treason – if not stupidity – that is being demonstrated by a lot of the political leaders and the military leaders in America is astounding,” the counter-terrorism analyst said.

He said an international effort is needed to defeat the ISIL and let the American public know that “your Congressmen are lying to you, and they are failing and they are pretending to defeat ISIS (Daesh) when in actuality, they are funding them.”

“Be not deceived American people, your government, your military leaders, your Congressmen are actively betraying the American people, they are betraying their oath to the Constitution, and they are seeding the ground for World War III,” Bennett added.

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