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On the current situation in Syria

On the current situation in Syria

On the current situation in Syria
November 11
03:59 2015

The report was prepared to the conference on solidarity with the people of Syria on November, 7 2015

Dear comrades! Over a period of five years yet – according to the official information and in fact much longer – we are looking on the bloody spectacle in North Africa and in Middle East, so-called ‘Arab Spring’, which takes place not only in Arabic states. It is a number of coloured, false revolutions. As a result countries become destroyed at all (the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya which was rather alright) or decentalised and desintegrated (Sudan or, earlier, Somali). The most impressive way of coping the difficulties is demonstrated by the people of Egypt where in 2013 radical islamists were thrown by moderate politicians.

And, of course, we applaud the heroic people of Syria who do not give a chance the maniputators from the West and their puppies from several obscurant organisations to overthrow their legitimate government and their legitimate president Bashar al-Assad. During four years the rioters from different extremist organisations (which even fight against each other!) kill the people of Syria,smash the significant sites of culture, history and architecture with the only aim to earn assets. The people of Syria and the Syrian Government are fighted by so0called ISIS, Al-Qaeda (Al-Nusra Front), so-called “moderate opposition” and many other cliques, foreign too.

The legitimte government of Syria is supported by Russian, Iranian, Iraqi, Lebanese and even Palestinian and Yemeni armed forces. This autumn Russia began to support the Syrian Arab Republic officially and in fact since the spring 2012. The common informational center of Russia, Syria, Iraq and Iran is opened to struggle against so-called Islamic State.

We should grip that:

a) we have no reasons at all to beg pardon that we could strafe “moderate opposition” proclaming that we strafe ISIS because we see no difference of them – maybe, only the length of daggers and the cruelty and quantity of murders differ;

b) also we guard our militarty and economic interests and the choice is that these cliques enter Caucasus, Central Asia and, therefrom, the Volga region and XUAR (Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region) in China – we surely can imagine the consequences of this.

The tragical destinies of Libya, and earlier Iraq (whatever contradictory was Saddam Hussein’s time), and nowadays the Ukraine are rather illustrative examples and eloquent testimonies of the destruction of the countries. Besides that the imperialists from the West suspected to destroy the Islamic Republic of Iran which is being strengthened since 1980s – after their destruction of Syria. Right now this variant is warded off.

Thus. The different factors together, such as the support of the Syrian government and the Syrian president by the people of Syria, good organisation of the Syrian army and the help from different countries (first of all from Russia and Iran), the upholding of interests that take place, make us to be sure that Syria will survive in spite of the pessimistic forecasts that we hear since 2012.


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