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Trump: World would be ‘100%’ better with Husein, Gaddafi in power

Trump: World would be ‘100%’ better with Husein, Gaddafi in power

Trump: World would be ‘100%’ better with Husein, Gaddafi in power
October 27
14:47 2015

Look at this hipocrisy!

The challenger Donald Trump said that believes the world would be much better off if Saddam Husein and Muammar Qaddafi were still in power.

According to him, Iraq and Libya, the respective countries of the since-deceased dictators, would be less fractured and promote a more stable Middle East if the two had not been forcefully pushed out of power.

Husein fell from power following the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 and Gadhafi was ousted following violent civil strife in 2011 that ultimately drew a NATO-led military intervention*.

“I mean, look at Libya. Look at Iraq. Iraq used to be no terrorists. He (Husein) would kill the terrorists immediately, which is like now it’s the Harvard of terrorism,” Trump said. “If you look at Iraq from years ago, I’m not saying he was a nice guy, he was a horrible guy, but it was a lot better than it is right now. Right now, Iraq is a training ground for terrorists. Right now Libya, nobody even knows Libya, frankly there is no Iraq and there is no Libya. It’s all broken up. They have no control. Nobody knows what’s going on”.

Trump said human rights abuses continue to plague Libya and Iraq and claimed, “They’re worse than they ever were.”

“People are getting their heads chopped off, they’re being drowned. Right now, they are far worse than they were, ever, under Saddam Hussein or Gadhafi,” he said.

Also Trump sais that he supports Putin in his fight against ISIS.

  • by rebellions supported by NATO

Mr Trump, why should we believe you, tell us, please? We remember how Mr Obama promised that he would stop the agressive policy of his precedents. Did he fulfil his promises?

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  • Robin Cnambers

    trump is right what he says. he makes a lot of sense. i hope he becomes president and if he does only 25% of what he says he will be a great man

  • aaa

    Your English could use some improvement, by the way.