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The historical archives of the USA are the places of the mass falsifications!

The historical archives of the USA are the places of the mass falsifications!

The historical archives of the USA are the places of the mass falsifications!
October 26
03:43 2015

Today you all can’t find any country throughout the world any country where the history was not falsified. The aim of these falsifications is to braid all humankind into the braid of the global liberalism.

The history is being falsified everyday – in peacetime, in time of war too. The Russian history has been falsified many times. The latest falsifications have disappeared during the Thaw (the name of Khrushchov’s period in the USSR) and they are being prolonged till these latter days – on behalf of the American government Stalin’s epoch had been slandered. Some times after the Soviet epoch had been slandered at all. During Lenin’s and Stalin’s time, quite the reverse, the history without falsifications was being prepared – and during Stalin’s time some textbooks had been published yet.

Both in peacetime or during the war everywhere temples, mosks, trees, libraries with the great cultural background disappear, they are shooted, fired, destroyed. In the Middle East this background is of the thousands of years!

The history is being smashed – but for what? Only for life of Reilly, welfare of pitiable minority of capitalists – living, as a rule, in the USA, Canada and the UK – and their puppets throughout the world.
Also these capitalists steal the history of their own countries and nations! For example, this year July’s sensation became the fact of the permanent falsifications of the historical documents in the USA told by one of the employee of the government-run archive in Washington. The woman preferred not to tell her name.
The archives are the place where all the documents of the Government are kept – from the United States Constitution to even a tissue of George H. W. Bush. In Suitland, Maryland, there is the one of the largest archives where are the billions of papers. There are so many papers nationwide in need of storage that the federal government had to build a cave system in Missouri to house a little bit of the numerous records.
The archivists have no idea what to do with these volumes of papers. Some boxes haven’t been opened since the 1800s and we can hardly know their content. Archivists need permission to go through materials. They should tell their higher-ups, for example, where they want to look and what they’re looking for. There is no possibility simply to start randomly spelunking in piles of papers because of the risk that the files will get messed up and become rather worse than now.

It’s well-known that some papers in the archives have got pieces of information which could seriously change the official version of history of the USA. Every archivist knows this but rarely gets an opportunity to discover the nuances.

Nevertheless, archivists do make discoveries (by accident, as a rule). For example, they have found a letter from FBI to Martin Luther King. The most letters become immediately classified and a few of them are brought straight to attention.

The paper is the sheet stock that is rather weak, especially to fire. As a result, there are lost a lot of sensitive documents – from information on political leaders who have found the USA, especially the members of the Philadelphia Convention who adopted the Constitution to over 70% of the Archives of military personnel in St. Louis, Missouri. Archivists are still sifting through all the files which were spared from the wildfire in 1973.
These are so-called the B Files. In St. Louise there were held all the World War II personnel files with information on many people who served and were on campaigns. The most part of this information had literally gone up in flames!
The B files became a huge loss. It caused a headache for veterans who need proof of service in order to qualify for loans and other benefits.

That is – the information on veterans was wittingly cleared in order to strip them of their rights of lawful loans!

Also, the real reason that files disappear has more to do with the buildings in which they’re stored. We are able to fix water damage and fire damage that eliminate everything in just a few minutes. The best places to store paper documents are in cool, dark underground settings but nit universities or museums. Digital scanning can hardly help because computers can crash.

Archivists try to preserve the past, but they have to learn the best methods through trial and error. The main problem is that each new method is a total crapshoot.

One notorious method they are still correcting today is using cellulose nitrate. In the 1920s, cellulose was found to reduce water and air damage when it covered the paper it was protecting. The nitrate is the same as what film was made of, which was extremely flammable.
After a while, archivists discovered that anything they covered in cellulose nitrate was flammable. Thus archivists unwittingly destroyed a number of sensitive papers.
Archivists then tried to use cellulose acetate (safety film). This corrosive hurt papers to the point so archivists needed to put them in cold storage to stop the deterioration.

Nowadays, they use other methods with a good result – they do dry, low-oxygen protective measures in protective plastic / nylon sleeves that work fine. The Constitution is placed in no-oxygen environments.
The Declaration of Independence hadn’t been exposed to oxygen since the 1950s, as it had been in two oxygen-free containers. In 2004, the oxygen-free frames were replaced. But once it is exposed to oxygen, it will become extremely brittle very fast, as it hasn’t had time to ease back into the environment. Parchment is stronger, so it’s a reason why things like Gutenberg Bibles have survived.

The last time archivists took the major documents out in the early 2000s. They had to make sure it was actually safe to take out so that they wouldn’t cause more damage to it – and after this they quickly and carefully moved it into the new oxygen-free container, which should be good for a few centuries or so.
Some of the old-time documents are even put in such low-light areas that archivists need special green laser lighting for people to even read them.

But it doesn’t prevent fakes archivists face at every turn.

It’s proved that many documents which archivists deal with have been changed. People use whiteout on typos or sometimes reword things on the originals in red freaking ink. In many documents there are lines scratched out or notes on them, it’s a normal occurrence.
You can see this all in drafts of the Constitution – notes have been written, words have been crossed out, and complete sentences have been revised.

If you find some older historical document in your attic, do not try to piece it back together with Scotch Tape and spit. The adhesive gets into the paper, leaves marks and causes damage at all. If you try to removing the tape, any ink stuck underneath can get ripped off with the tape, the text will be spoiled. The Archives have had signatures of many famous people that disappeared because tape was placed over a rip nearby.

This happened even to the Declaration of Independence. One archivist in the 1940s decided to make it look good … by taping rips and gluing other parts. This did untold damage and took years to partially repair the document. It has led to greater deterioration of the Declaration.

Many people used to think that ammonia is a good paper cleaner. Oh, no!
Glue, tape, wax, grease – they are all bad too. The best way is leave the document alone or put it in a plastic sleeve and keep it out of sunlight.
So, the most historical paper of the USA are literally frail items, and the most of them are lost for good. This is rather dangerous because among others the documents of the participants of battle actions are being destroyed – after this veterans become misfits.

But the most scary is the fact that a lot of alterations have been done for the sake of literally rewriting history. In the 1970s, archivists discovered that Scientologists were rooting around in the archives, changing everything they saw fit. They didn’t get to do much and were promptly arrested. Besides the Scientologists, the Mormons were rewriting history by the same token. The most well-known is the Salamander Letter, the first-person story of the relationship between Joseph Smith and a magical salamander. They caused huge debate in spite of the evident craziness.

In preservation rooms archivists actually look over, try and spot wordings not belonging to that era and other little things to find everything which has been changed. Sometimes these changes are evident. But other times it’s almost impossible to sift out the changes.

The great problem is that very knowledgeable people can make really good forgeries. For example, fake documents that slipped into the British archives almost made people to believe thar MI5 killed Heinrich Himmler, the military leader of the Third Reich.

So, rewriting history and falsification of the historical documents by different sectarians (with the aims wide from being good, it’s evident) and unreliable, irresponsible narrators who use their falsifications as a way to earn money. It’s just a business!

Thus. American, British and other archives are not guaranteed from the fakes. It’s very easy to imagine how many fictions are used in the official propaganda to justify their expansionist policy and the falsification of the history throughout the world.

But this lie won’t remain forever! There will be, without fail, a point when all the citizens of Inner Circle сountries (i.e. English-speaking) will face the truth! And we are ready to help them in it.


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