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Why do the British fight in Donbass?

Why do the British fight in Donbass?

Why do the British fight in Donbass?
October 20
21:13 2015

BBC Russian wrote an article about the British in Donbass. In general, there is nothing special in the news about the foreigners fighting in Donbass alongside with ‘the rebels’. However, this article is interesting in that it reveals the reasons why the British decided to come to Donbass to fight against the Ukrainian army ruled by far-right Kiev junta.

The article tells about a 30 year old man ‘speaking Mancunian accent’ who says that earlier he served in the British army. The military conflict in Eastern Ukraine is not first for him, some years ago he fought in Bosnia. He was also thinking about joining the Kurdish Peshmerga troops fighting against ISIS in Northern Iraq. According to the article, he had some serious reasons to come to Donbass to risk his life.

The first reason is that in fact that he has no perspectives at home. He has been jobless since last December. He says that UK employers offer jobs only on hourly paid basis without any guarantees.

However, it’s not only because of unemployment but also ideological views that made the man cross 3,200 kilometers to the direction of the Debaltsevo district where he lives in the forest on the banks of the river with other ‘rebels’. ‘I think everything that is happening here is western imperialist aggression against Russia, against the people who don’t play in the western game,’ he says.

He refuses to show his face or give his name but he doesn’t think that he is a terrorist. He came to Donbass to fight against fascism.

Another Briton from Scotland did not want to give an interview but admitted that he was also inspired by the reports in the alternative media.

A young man from Manchester does not agree with the fact that he interferes into a foreign conflict and does not believe that he violates the British law. However, the British government has stated that ‘the people who go abroad to take part in the conflict can commit a criminal offense or an offense under the terrorism and can be prosecuted after their return to the UK. But the Mancunian is not going home, apparently, as in the nearest future he is going to join the Russians fighting in Syria .

The report of the BBC Russian on the British in Donbass seems to be hypocritical and biased in its rhetoric – the author claimes that the British were ‘forced’ to go to Donbass by the Russian totalitarian propaganda machine that creates an extremely negative image of new Nazi Kiev government that is backed up by the western countries . Though the journalists decided not to pay attention to the reasons of why the Britons went against ‘democratic’ policy of the British government.

The Mancunian served in the British army; nevertheless, it didn’t stop him from changing his political and ideological views. He is evidently a typical representative of the British working class, the class that has been humiliated and demolished by the British government for the recent decades. These people, who have been the producers of social wealth and who have been traditionally paid least of all, are deprived of their legal choice of a decent existence. Jobless, uneducated (though sometimes even well-educated), with huge debts and being in a moral crisis, they had to get rid of illusions of living in ‘a prosperous democratic country with a huge number of options’. However, they were left with only one option: whether to accept radical Islamic views (as it happens to many young people in Europe) and join ISIS, or to go to Donbass to defend people who are not going to be an European-Union cattle.

On the other hand, these Britishmen escaped the fate to be entirely brainwashed by the western media that provides the society with only one’true’ point of view. Going to Donbass is their honest and reasonable choice that gives them a hope for a better future and a better world.

While these British are dying in Donbass saving innocent civialians from the criminals of the Ukrainian army, the British government is supplying Ukraine with weapons. Early October the British government announced that another 25 specialists will go to Ukraine to participate in the training program of the Ukrainian army. Does Mr. Cameron know that he participates in the murders of not only Russian people in Eastern Ukraine, but also of British citizens? Well, unfortunately, it’s a rhetorical question.

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