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Chechen special operations force will start land operation in Syria

Chechen special operations force will start land operation in Syria

Chechen special operations force will start land operation in Syria
October 05
18:58 2015

Ramzan Kadyrov proposed to send his infantry to fight ISIS terrorists

In connection with the decision of the Federation Council on the use of Russian aircraft in the war against terrorists in Syria, the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov announced his position that it was necessary to involve not only the Air Force, but also the Army in the military operation in the Middle East . The Chechen leader said that in case the decision on participation of Russian Army in Syria was taken, he would immediately provide it with the troops from Chechnya.

“We have been working on it for more than a year, we are absolutely prepared for combat activity. We are ready to go, we have tens of thousands of volunteers. ISIS recruits our brothers, the terrorists are preparing them to commit terrorist attacks against our people aiming at destabilizing the situation in Russia. The sooner we finish with them, the more easy it will be to live for the world community. We are waiting for the opportunity to participate in the fight against these devils, ” Ramzan Kadyrov said.

The head of Chechnya says that the Russian Federation is not only a defender of its own people, but also as a fighter against international terrorism, and in this context we are not talking about the support of some of the Syrian side – President Bashar al-Assad or the opposition.

“We see the murders of innocent people. The existence of ISIS endangers the safety of our country. So why should we wait for them at home, if they can be destroyed in their own lair? We are ready to go, we have volunteers, tens of thousands of people. In 1999, we took an oath on the Koran that to the end of life we ​​will fight against these devils, and we will destroy them wherever they may be “, he stressed in his speech.

On September 30, Ramzan Kadyrov personally checked the readiness of his “flying squad”, which, as noted, is formed from the staff of the special forces. It was not specified why the inspection of Kadyrov’s “flying squad” happened so suddenly after it had been announced that Russia was ready to bomb the positions of ISIS in Syria.

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  • Godblessourchildren

    God Bless Russia- Defender of the Rights of All. I hope the Chechnyans don’t leave home without their chopping blocks and sabers. What’s for dinner Mama? “ISIS”.

  • Nostros

    Well done Russia, the people of the UK thank you, serious action go kick some ISIS arses f**king Bravo Putin :)

  • Wayne Corke

    this is excellent, why would ISIS stay in wait for these men? I would run as if all hell was after me.