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International arms exhibition Russia Arms Expo opens in Nizhny Tagil

International arms exhibition Russia Arms Expo opens in Nizhny Tagil

International arms exhibition Russia Arms Expo opens in Nizhny Tagil
September 09
16:19 2015

The anniversary tenth international arms exhibition Russia Arms Expo – 2015 (RAE-2015) opens on 9 September in Nizhny Tagil. Military products in the exhibition will be presented by nearly 250 companies. As expected, the event will be attended by representatives of the military departments of 65 States.

The organizers have already promised to revive the soviet tradition of celebrating the “Tank day”, and the military announced a daily demonstration flights with use of weapons. In addition, on the shooting range “Staratel” the capabilities of military equipment will be demonstrated. In particular, will be involved the products of the concern “Almaz-Antey”.

In the show will be involved tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, troops, and support tanks, self-propelled artillery and air defense systems, drones and aircraft. It is planed to organize a live broadcast in social networks and Youtube channel.

Weapons salon in Nizhny Tagil traditionally devoted to the arms and equipment of the army, just on static exposition will be represented about 70 samples. RAE-2015 will be the first exhibition that will show the latest armored vehicles on the platform “Armata” tank and infantry fighting vehicle. Until the exhibition new vehicles was shown publicly only at the Victory Parade in Moscow on 9 may.
In addition, the “Uralvagonzavod” will show the combat capabilities of the T-90MS, adapted to the conditions of the Arab countries, and will also introduce an upgraded version of the BTR-80 wheeled infantry fighting vehicle.
Concern “tractor plants” promised to bring in Nizhny Tagil new versions of popular BMP-3 with modules “Derivation” and “Dragoons”, and NGO “Precision complexes” will show various options for anti-tank missile system “Cornet”. New technique will be demonstrated by “Almaz – Antey” – in a dynamic show will be presented air defense systems Buk-M2E and “Tor-ME” and at the exhibition visitors will be able to see, for example, the ground guidance system for fighter aircrafts “Horizon-e”.
A special place in the exposition will be given to different combat modules – “Plantation” (for air-borne fighting machine BMD-4M), “Crossbow-DM”, the new remote-controlled combat module from Kalashnikov concern, mounted on an armored vehicle “Typhoon”. In addition, the automated fire control units will be presented – “Skit-B” and “Machine”- and different robots: multi-function “Varan” and ultralight “ATV-TMZ”.
On RAE-2015 also will be presented many other models of weapons and equipment for land forces. For example, the largest Russian manufacturer of ammunition Machine engineering technologies will showcase ammunition for tank and small-calibre guns, and the United instrument manufacturing corporation will provide information about equipment for telecommunication, automation and control for commanders and command staff vehicles.

A number of Western companies refused to participate in RAE-2015 due to the sanctions.
However, the Armory salon will be attended by many companies from Europe – for example, from Italy, Turkey, South Korea, China, UAE. The sanctions did not stop delegations from fifty states. Even the US delegation will arrive.

International arms exhibition runs until 12 September.

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