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US backed Arab Spring is the cause of EU migrants crisis

US backed Arab Spring is the cause of EU migrants crisis

US backed Arab Spring is the cause of EU migrants crisis
September 08
20:48 2015

The Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Alexei Pushkov said that in the situation with migrants the EU countries face the consequences of U.S. policy and its closest allies in the Middle East.
“The current flow of refugees caused by several factors, and the main is so – called Arab spring, which turned democracy to chaos and initiated the growing threat from radical movements,” said Pushkov today.

The second factor, he said, is “politics, primarily the United States and its closest allies who destabilized political regimes in the Arab world that they are not satisfied at”. “But instead of more liberal and Pro-Western regimes Western policy has resulted in the loss of control over the course of events, and the West gets everywhere uncontrolled chaotic situation in which thrive radical terrorists organizations,” he said.
The head of the Duma Committee recalled that before the intervention of the West in the Affairs of Libya, Iraq and Syria these States have “immunity from terrorism”. “And at least one of these countries – Syria – was very successful example of coexistence of different religious groups, and Libya quite successfully developed on the basis of oil and gas resources”, – he noted. “Instead  incidentally, it is now well recognized that intervention in Libya turned the country into chaos, and the intervention in Iraq caused the destruction of this country and the formation of the “Islamic state”, – said the politician.

Given this, Pushkov believes that “the West now faces the consequences of its own policies in the Middle East”. “That is not a clash with abstract humanitarian catastrophe that came from “nowhere”, but the consequences of Western politics, the “Arab spring” that Western leaders and media had actively welcomed, as if not realizing that the consequences will cause destabilization in countries not ready for democracy” he said.
The parliamentarian said that in the Western countries deny this fact and try to portray the situation as “the result of force majeure”. “But it’s not a “force majeure”. This flow of refugees (this year about 300 thousand people, 25% of which refugees from Syria), – is the confirmation that the U.S. and its allies can not cope with these problems. Europe seriously suffer, including many of those countries that were against intervention in Libya, or did nothing to destabilize the situation in Syria,” he concluded.

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Irina Dashkina

Irina Dashkina

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  • FreeArabWorld

    The analysis in general is sound, except for two points:
    1. The Arab
    spring has been a genuine peoples movement that will continue to strive
    for DEMOCRACY, freedom, liberation and independence from imperialist
    hegemony. The US and its puppet regimes hijacked the agenda of the
    movement in many Arab states, which resulted in the chaos we see today.
    To say that Arab countries are “not ready for democracy” is total
    nonsense and smacks of colonialist and supremacist mentality that wants
    the Arab people to stay under ruthless dictatorships loyal to foreign

    • Gleb

      Nobody is ready for democracy. The western democracy – it is the way to destroy countries and put them under control of global actors. Only strong, non democratic totalitarian regimes can support social progress, justice, and stability.