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What is American Democracy?

What is American Democracy?

What is American Democracy?
September 03
23:39 2015

The billionaire Donald Trump now is a leader of presidential election 2016 in the USA offered by The Republican Party. In August he came out in the center of Iowa Des-Moines Iowa with pledge according to which he was ready to spend $1 billion from his private savings for his campaign.

These are the rather serious words because his financial capacities are the real way to become the main candidate of his party.

The candidate race itself consists of two stages. The first one the inner-party competition the sponsorship of which is rather troublesome because of little prospect of becoming elected president. Despite the duty on involving the team of professional analysts and spin doctors the candidates willy nilly gain support from several headliners. It’s rather expensive too. There are no chances to score at this stage without support from celebrities of Hollywood pronouncing ardent speeches, famous musicians writing and performing commissioned songs dedicated to candidates, comic painters and cartoonists.

Besides commissioned movies the candidates sometimes take part in TV serials as characters (for example, Barack Obama in South Park) and gain support from different denomination leaders.

The most important action then is release of branded goods used for campaign and financial support. At the first stage of Obama’s elective campaign appeared Nike Air Force One sneakers with his portrait. Some times after he was boosted by whole PR industry.

There had been opened the boutique Runaway to Change. Among contributors there were a lot of famous designers. They also didn’t forget simple things. For example, there were released ‘Obamajama’  ($35, 100% cotton, with the slogan to support the favorite candidate in dream), energy drink ‘Obama’ (24 jars for $36, described as ‘the first soda water for all who need positive changes’, the buyer of one packaging contributed $1 to Obama’s fund). Also we can recollect ‘Obama Matryoshka doll’ for $48 (consisted of 5 dolls) and the 40 cm teddy monkey in pants and pyjamas for $5 similar to Obama. The particularly popular was Zombama for $23, the rubber mask with true to type red eyes with lip bruises. Needless to say about a number of placards, t-shirts, badges, Oscar-like figurines and dozens of thousands of propaganda papers.

It is necessary to highlight this fact that Barack Obama spent $639174281. It’s a real record!

This sum is the evident first-hand denial of so-called parity. You can’t say about any ‘equal opportunities’ in ‘democratic’ States! Bourgeois democracy, is used, as usual, to screen bourgeois dictatorship. The bourgeoisie forcefully protects the power from destruction by enslaved classes.

As we can see in USA – and all other bourgeoise states – the real winners in the police of the highest level are always riches, the paupers have no way to this. The participants of presidential elections have to serve power players of the upper class, the big bourgeoisie to fund the campaign (as Mr Obama) or to be the exploiters themselves who gathered wealth  by the appropriation of alien labor.

Money is invested with the purpose of return to their owners with great profit.

Needless to say whose interests serves every elected president, whose money are paid for. Needless to say that they work off money of their sponsors, serve the interests of the miserable capitalist minority, the interests the small moneyed pack. Needless to say also that this policy doesn’t serve the interests of workers, the interests of poor majotity.

Written by Igor Sablin

Translated by Alexander Kitaev

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