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The Korean Red Line

The Korean Red Line

The Korean Red Line
August 21
15:22 2015

The situation at Korean peninsula become more and more dangerous. There was an exchange of artillery and gunfire between two Korean states. In was provoked with the start of Seoul’s propaganda trough loudspeakers near border between two states.

South Korea resumed propaganda broadcasting into the territory of the DPRK on August 10, after the incident in the area of the demarcation line, when two South Korean solders were seriously injured because of the antipersonnel landmine explosion.

The program of psychological warfare of ROK against North Korea was suspended 11 years ago, when in relations between the two States has been warming. From August 10 through loudspeakers towards the North was launched a translation of the latest news and propaganda from South Korea.

The reaction of DPRK was quick and severe. They tried to destroy the loudspeakers by artillery strike. Than there was an artillery answer from the South. Now there is a ceasefire.

North Korean government delivered an ultimatum to South Korea to stop the translation of propaganda. Unless the ultimatum is accepted, DPRK promises to start a military operation.

The ultimatum of North Korea expire on Saturday, 22 August at 17:00 local time.

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