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To Blind an American Espionage Machine

To Blind an American Espionage Machine

To Blind an American Espionage Machine
August 12
19:29 2015

We have heard a lot of stories about how US special agencies like CIA and NSA spied upon a vast number of world leaders, politicians, public activists, including presidents of Brazil and France, German kanzlerin and her predecessor, etc. It seems that the plot of George Orwell’s anti-utopia “1984” has become a fearful reality. Now the famous “Big brother” is probably being “watching” not only “you”, but even powerful and prominent representatives of the political class. Regardless a huge number of witnesses, facts and international scandals, which have taken place lately, nowadays we have more and more evidences of espionage and suspicious actions conducted by the U.S. government, their political satellites and other affiliated actors, for example western transnational corporations. The “show” goes one.

A few days ago one of the biggest IT corporations Microsoft announced the launch of a conceptually new operating system Windows 10. According to information available now for analysis, the majority of files and personal data will be displaced on corporative servers of Microsoft. And due to modern American law and practices it is obvious that the U.S. intelligence will have an access to all that personal information. Moreover, the management of this huge American corporation doesn’t even try to hide these facts and openly mentioned this in the license agreement of Windows 10.

It is not the first time when the U.S. government uses the resources of transnational corporations with American origin. They use the worldwide popularity of American IT products of mass consumption benefiting from the absence of competition in this field from other countries. By such an evident exploitation of transnational companies, the U.S. government makes people and countries worldwide become aware of American IT espionage. It should be a reason for the management of corporations to think about the necessity of obedience to American legislation. They risk losing their markets all over the world unless they change their national jurisdiction.

More and more people understand that the U.S. government uses information technologies as an imperialistic method of political subduedness and oppression. All free countries and nations should unite their efforts in the mutual struggle against IT dependence from the USA, develop their own software and electronic industry, establish their companies and launch their IT products of mass consumption. Our rights for freedom and privacy have been constantly violated by the U.S. monopoly on the market of  IT products, and the only way to protect these rights is to create a decent alternative. Also it is vital to organize a drift of technologies from the U.S. legislation anyway.


In the context of the facts mentioned above, it is quite wise that the Russian government has already started to check and inspect the new operating system of Microsoft whether it corresponds to new Russian anti-espionage laws and regulations.

The deputy of Communists party Vadim Solovyev has already initiated the special check of Windows 10 with public prosecution office. Solovyev also warned legislative and executive powers to be careful while using this program product on their devices.

So we can recommend other countries and nations to also make some steps towards strengthening their national security and electronic independence like Russia does.

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