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Gaddafi’s loyalists staged the protest in eastern Libya

Gaddafi’s loyalists staged the protest in eastern Libya

Gaddafi’s loyalists staged the protest in eastern Libya
August 06
02:54 2015

In the Libyan city called Benghazi there was the first demonstration organised by his supporters since the coup. The participants protested against the Islamic state (this organisation is extremist and banned in Russia).

According to local media the demonstrators marched through the central streets of the city, shouting slogans «No IG no «brothers «(«Muslim Brotherhood»)«. Also, the crowd chanted «Only God, Muammar and Libya!». Activists were holding green flags of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

The protesters also demanded the release of Gaddafi’s sons Saadi and Seif al-Islam. The first one is in custody in Tripoli, and the second one is sentenced to death by Libyan court. He is held in jail by members of the former rebel group from the city of Zintan. They oppose to the government of Tripoli and refuse to release Seif al-Islam.

41 years old Saif al-Islam has been arrested in southern Libya in November 2011 by troops of the former rebels from Zintan. He is charged with several crimes, those «crimes» are based on the fact that he opposed the rebels.

The second son of Gaddafi, Saadi, who is third in seniority, during the stay in power of his father, was a businessman and a professional football player. He is wrongly growndlessly charged with illegal possession of someone else’s property by force and armed intimidation in the period when he was captain of the Libya national football team. He is wanted on an international arrest warrant.

Saadi, who ran off Libya to Niger a month before the alleged killing of Gaddafi (mock?) was extradited to his homeland in March last year. The day before there was video which showed that Saadi was tortured. Published online materials currently checks metropolitan prosecutor’s office conducted an investigation. The prosecutor’s office began checking Libya appeared online video.

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