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Interview with Scott Bennett

Interview with Scott Bennett


Interview with Scott Bennett
July 31
19:16 2015

Anastacia Promskaya: Could you please tell us something about yourself?

Scott Bennett: My name is Scott Bennett. I’m a former US army officer. I’ve worked in counter-terrorism unit. You can review my bio at my website:!slideshow/cdrf

My experience is in counter-terrorism threat finding and striking down money supplies that were going to Islamic extremists through-out the Middle East. I was also a defense contractor for Booz Allen Hamilton. I held a top-secret CSI clearance. Nothing I ever discuss is classified. I was also in Bush administration from 2003 to 2008, and before that I was working for the various think-tanks. I have a doctorate Ph.D. in Political Theory and a Masters in International Business, in Economic Development and a Bachelor in Advertising and Film in Spanish.

I’m actively engaged in tackling and articulating some of the international issues with regards to the U.S. policy in the Middle East, Russia, Ukraine and also our counter-terrorism strategy operations.

Anastacia Promskaya: How would you describe political situation inside U.S.? What are people’s moods? The moods of society towards U.S. internal policy?

Scott Bennett: What you see in the American political circles and Congress is really not reflective of a lot of the American people’s heart and mind. They are much more conservative than the media portrays them.

Peace and stability are more important than hegemony over the world. Sadly the United States have been on this crusade for the last 15 years, started off in the 9/11 false-flag attacks in September 11, that is led us down the path that Americans now have started to put the breaks on. They’re trying to understand how we got where we are right now. I think they are also waking up to the false propaganda by the Ukraine situation. Why really, the Americans have no business in meddling with the Ukraine and creating conflict zones between Russian and Ukraine and United States.

I don’t think the Americans want to be there, they don’t want to participate, I don’t think they want arming of Ukrainian nationalists. They certainly don’t want the coup d’état that have been facilitated by the U.S. But the propaganda in America is quite strong and the media bias is quite strong.

There is alternative media – the Internet, radio, television, stations, youtube stations that are coming up. When you look up at the statistics, you see that the alternative media is beginning to take a more significant role in influencing leaders and intelligent people. I was delighted to here from Alex when he contacted me to do an interview, because I’ve always had a desire to be more directly engaged in speaking to Russian hearts and minds, sharing the conservative nature of American identity and the conservative future that we really need to cultivate, that does not include war in Libya, war in Syria, war in Iraq. I think those days are over.

The Syrian situation too is something that needs to be rearticulated for Americans, because we hear a lot of American conservative military people talk about Syria that it’s allowed to be dissolved. You’ll have another chaotic situation and that would be right on Russia’s borders. And I think that’s something that Americans wouldn’t want, but sadly a lot of American politicians and certain media military people thrive off of conflict and war. I think there’s a lot to be done, but there is a lot of hope too.

The whistleblowing report I filed was about banks and it went up to military and congressional officials and the media, and no one did anything about it. No one investigated it, no one debriefed me and that is still in the courts, that is still being sent to Congress and that is really the equivalent of treason. Treason in United States is a very serious punishable offense. Lawyers have analyzed this report and said treason has been committed because these banks were providing ISIS/ISIL and Al-Qaeda types with weapons and funds to support their operations, which is directly working against U.S. military personal and our allies. But that went up to military congress officials, the Senate Arm Services Committee, the House Arm Services Committee, the Senate and House Intelligence Committee, the Senate and House Homeland Security Committee, Chairmen of the committees Howard Buck McKeon, Senator John McCain, Senator Dianne Feinstein. I’ve got the list of all the names that this report went to. And they never did anything.

So, that is going to be heating up in the presidential election, because it also implicates Hillary Clinton and the State Department. This went up to Fox News whom are against Russia, consisting of people having strong bias against the Russia. They are example of a media outlet that I’ve communicated with that did absolutely nothing. So, there is an enormous media blackout of the truth in this country.

There is really quite revolution going on in America, that you see that United States military and politicians are preparing for in their Jade Helm operation – the domestic military operation, where they’re sending military assets all around California, Texas, Utah, Colorado to begin to prepare to any social civil up rest that might be developing in the country in the next year, given some of the economic challenges we have.

Anastacia Promskaya: How do you estimate the role of U.S. government in Ukrainian conflict?

Scott Bennett: I think one Europe needs to be a lot more engaged than America, because America is not European. America is between two oceans, its not on the continent. Even though we had a very unfortunate role in triggering the coup d’état with military mercenaries that we’ve planted in in the country, which is confirmed by lot of intelligence analysts that went public on RT and talked about. I’ve talked about it on PressTV. The American policy makers like John McCain and Lindsey Graham and some of the other war hawks who seem drunk on endless war in the Middle East and war against Russia. Those people have gotten us into the position that we really need to be worked out off.

The Russian-Ukranian issue is something that is hundreds of years old, if not more. We have no business coming in, trying to redefine the map, redefine geographic maps, redefine culture according to modern American democracy blueprint. We know that there exist some sort of ancient, tribal antagonism between some of Ukrainians and Russians, but that is something that needs to be worked out with neighbors and families. It is not something that could be worked out with guns or any sort of military activities. We certainly shouldn’t be engaged in war crimes against civilians in the Donbass area. I just saw it today McCain had published an interview in which he said we were responsible for the cluster bombs being used by Ukrainian forces against civilians. I don’t know how that couldn’t be presented to United Nations as a war crimes issue. This is very similar to what we stupidly did in the 90’s against Yugoslavia. I hope we get less engaged and more respectful towards Russia and Ukraine working the out, with much more European engagement, and not led by U.S. bias.

We’ve heard about U.S. bias in some of the State Department comments that have been very profane against the European. You’ve heard Victoria Nuland using the F-word and profanity, disrespecting any European sensibilities. I think that’s the negative of Obama administration’s mindset on all sort of issues. I think there’s enormous arrogance and recklessness that embodies the Obama administration. That will led them to a fall. I think you’ll see a lot of this during the Donald Trump’s presidential race too, as he’s resonating the American politics, because he’s outside of the political corruption. He’s been an American icon for 30 years and he’s never been political. He’s always been business and deal-making and personality-driven, where politicians are much more weak, castrated in their aggressive personality, they haven’t served in the military for the most part, and they’re very blind to the rest of the world. They consider the rest of the world is colony with United States as Rome. I don’t think the rest of the world see it that way.

Anastacia Promskaya: What can you say about life in America? Everyday life?

Scott Bennett: There’s a lot of good and bad. I look at it from psychological warfare perspective, always, because of my background and training, and I look at United States and I say what are the negatives? What are psychological, emotional pathologies and deceases, weaknesses that can be exploited for bad reasons. And what are the virtues and the strengths in the characteristics that can be used to embolden and strengthen our integrity or influence in the world.

America is sort of divided between liberal left and conservative libertarian middle and far conservative right wing, religious conservative face. Unfortunately, American political legal operations have been creating things in this country that are very damaging to American culture and personalities and families. Such realities doesn’t exist in Russia, China or Middle East. They are stronger in a certain platform of integrity than United States is, because there’s a moral gravity. When you remove moral absolutes and moral traditions and religious beliefs, you really destroy a certain part of the individual, that will manifest in other weaknesses.

American military although they have a lot of technology, skilled bombs and drone flyers, that’s like a nice polished beautiful painted car, that’s about to run out of oil. And the engine will cease and it will freeze up. That’s partly of what is happening to United States with its family structure, its medicare, dependency welfare state, the economic crisis in this country is going to be exacerbated more because of the educational crisis. American educational higher institutions do not teach reading, writing, arithmetic and history and business. They teach a lot of other colorful subjects that are not requisite to really strong entrepreneurial energies, economic development energies.

The globalization issue is something that is going to haunt the United States, because all of our core internal manufacturing and indigenous productivity has been contracted out to South America or Central America or the Philippines, or China. They sort of evaporating from inside out.

I think more and more Americans are becoming disenchanted too because of the recently passed act where every American’s bank account is now going to be audited for investing overseas and in Swiss banks.

The more the police state rises in United States, the more Americans are going to see into moving into other countries. That’s very real.

Anastacia Promskaya: What can you say about oil and military corporations, how they affect U.S. policy? What can you say about their role in American policy?

Scott Bennett: Well, it’s an oligarchy. It’s an unwritten, unstated oligarchy. It’s a monopoly. Fox News, for example, is controlled by a lot of the big corporate business interests. Like 3 or 4 major firms own the media establishment in United States. I know that Fox News is controlled largely by Saudi-Gulf nation investors, which made a significant influence on what it reports and how it does it. It is always anti-Iran, anti-Islamic, anti-Shia, and ironically, anti-Gulf nations too, and a very anti-Russian and anti-China. They’ve got nothing to say. Basically, the United States media and political establishment and the military have nothing to say nice about any country they consider to be a competitor.

The recent military strategy that been released by Martin Dempsey articulates this. Dempsey said that in 2015 military strategy reform, that “all nations that are revisionist”, meaning they are coming to revise the world order or trying to edit it and increase generally other institutions like the BRICS economic establishment or alternative Internet sources, “any countries that are going to revise how the world exists and does business is a threat to United States”.

That’s very striking to me from the military perspective, because we’re going to unilaterally wage information war and cyber attacks and psychological warfare and economic development covert intelligence warfare against nations that we think are going to be competitors. I don’t think that’s constitutional, I think it’s very reckless and I think it’s going to damage the United States to such a point, where the rest of the world is going to be increasingly seeing our behavior as a bully, as barbaric, as not sociably accepted. From 1945 to present the U.S. believed quite propagandistically, that he world looks to us for leadership, for hope, that the world is in love with American and worships American freedom and character and liberalness. That’s not true. I think people are catching on to it.

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