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Justice For Sandy

Justice For Sandy

Justice For Sandy
July 17
19:08 2015

Some hours ago a Chicago-area black woman Sandra Bland was found dead in a Texas jail. The authorities claim that a woman has committed suicide. This news has immediately evoked a suspicion that a legal judgement about her death was nothing more than another attempt to conceal one more act of crime of the Texan police.

I think there are enough suspicions to doubt the so-called self-inflicted asphyxiation of the woman. First, it is well-known that American police use any methods of terror and threat toward Black under the pretense of struggling for order and safety. The law gives them a privilege to shoot unarmed innocent people without any official accusation and judicial examination or just beat and torture them to death after having them arrested and jailed. Unfortunately, that has already become a gloomy “visiting card” of the U.S. police that also try to prevent any attempt to shed light on their despicable crimes.

Secondly, in fact Sandra Bland had no reasons to kill herself. According to her friends and family, she seemed a rather successful young woman with high ambitions. She was going to start a new job at her alma mater Prairie View A&M University. Bland graduated from the university in 2008 and then returned home to Illinois. The police pulled over Sandy’s car after her making an improper lane change. Afterwards she was arrested for “assault of public servant”. The logical question is: in what way exactly Bland assaulted a policeman?

But the most interesting thing is that in video, which was shot by a bystander, is showed in what way Bland was arrested. She can be heard yelling while the cop slammed her head into the ground just “for a traffic signal”. This fact contradicts the main charge.

It is worth asking whether a successful young woman wanted to have problems with the police by assaulting of public servant risking her career and life? I think no.

That is the main reason why her friends and relatives do not believe in Sandy’s mysterious suicide. The police try to make up any stupid story and explanation how Sandra killed herself with a trash bag. She had been last seen by guards at 7 a.m., then she was given breakfast. However, officials said that video footage did not show anyone entering the cell, though they never released that footage. And where is the footage which shows that she killed herself? Too many questions…

Thirdly, Waller County Sheriff Glenn Smith was fired earlier from his job as a police chief in Hempstead after he had made a series of racism allegations.  As he said “Black lives matter to Glenn Smith”, but they matter in a way to humiliate and abuse Black Americans. So there is nothing strange in what has been done to Sandy.

And finally, the main issue: Sandy was a Black human rights activist having spoken out about police brutality and racial injustice. Bland’s  Facebook page shows that she was active in the Black Lives Matter movement.  She recently became vocal around issues of police violence toward black communities in the USA by posting in her Facebook profile a picture stating “Now legalize being black in America”. It is evident now that she could be killed for her political views and activity advocating the struggle of Black for their rights.

This another murder of an innocent black woman should become a warning for all black communities in America. The Black should understand that the police will never stop their crimes and human rights violation; they will continue to do everything to oppress and stir up hatred against Black. What is their final cause in their terror – I do not know. Why did they kill a young pretty woman who in fact was much less dangerous than a majority of white Americans? I do not know either. I hope when racists cops will be put to justice by those who were earlier oppressed and humiliated, we will get answers on these questions. Although I hardly believe it as most of white cops who shot and killed Black people went unpunished.

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