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Russia – USA

Russia – USA

Russia – USA
July 13
15:09 2015

«In order to turn the world around, you don’t need wealth or ultimate power,
a warn soul is enough.».

We live in uneasy time. Local conflicts threaten to turn into a new world war every moment. Shall this happen, no government or military will claim the victory, rather transnational corporations and arms manufacturers. Conflicts in Middle East and Asia primarily serve purpose of business. Terrorism has become a tool of conducting business. Unity of all nations is essential to up-stand US hegemony and struggle against supernational economic institutions, create to serve the big capital.

Lets examine latest military conflicts through the prism of suffering of innocent people. The death toll in wars in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Ukraine reached 1 million people! Yet, while world leaders trying to find compromises, the fire of the war continues to burn, thousands die by hands of terrorists, raised by US military and CIA agents. Within last 20 years, no military conflict happened without intervention of US ‘specialists’ and operatives. American business defends its interests through the foreign policy of United States and its satellites. We all know that election campaigns cost more and more money, which means politicians elected are not conducting the will of people, rather executing the orders of their sponsors. Since the time of independence war in US, a spider web of vicious lobbyist connections overtook the policy of US. Having an insider in legislative or executive power, who can deliver the information and protect one’s interest, was considered normal.

Politicians in Washington couldn’t care less of what happens to American society. Their job is to keep an illusion of democracy that millions of people believe in. United States will keep living in a template thinking, while corporations oversee electoral process in US. The information war led by American media against Russia and China is also an attempt to preserve economics and politics of the unipolar world. Taxpayer’s money is used to fund and immerse army whose only job is to damage the humanity. Just think for a moment, how many schools, hospitals and universities could be built for the money, US government spends of genocide of small nations.

According to new information, on July 2015 United States military successfully tested 12th modification of B-61 – a variable yield nuclear bomb, named to be ‘the nuclear bomb of the future’. Afterwards, “brave” American generals defined Russia as ‘enemy #1’ to United States security and called for increasing of NATO contingent in Europe, to deal with ‘possible attack of Russia’. Who believes this bullshit? US generals are completely dependent, but not of Pentagon leadership, rather of countless corporations delivering weaponry and logistic support of coalition forces. Those corporations pay big bribes to ‘generals of war’ for cheap and absurd nonsense.

As of today, United States look like peevish and ill-bred child, going into dramatics for any possible reason, when he doesn’t get what he wants. While Obama concentrates his efforts on foreign policy, more and more people in US are getting repressed and tortured. Enough to mention famous cases of Mumia Abu Jamal, Rasmea Odeh and Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko – all illegally convicted by US government. Is shooting of innocent civilians in the streets, CIA black sites and prisoners torture – a real US democracy? Is it possible that American society have forgotten the will for freedom, the forefather’s ideas, and begun the process of self-destruction? We can find the answers to these questions in the streets of US cities, where true American patriots are marching in protest, demanding the state to cease inhumane policy. If Russia or China one day decided to create foundations like ‘National Endowment for Democracy’, believe me, one year later you’d see a revolution in America.

Today we can change a lot! We can stand by our right to live and right to build a new world on parity basis, without violence and oppression. Each person is beautiful and unique, regardless of his nation, ethnicity or skin color. We are brothers on our Earth, and we must decide the future for ourselves. No reason to wait for lifebelt because we carry it in our hands. The will shall defeat the fear and our life will change for the better.

Peace be upon you! Take care of yourself and your relatives. Don’t let them serve lobbyists and swindlers in US government!

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