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Globalization Combined with Fascism or Serves Cannot Have Their Own History

Globalization Combined with Fascism or Serves Cannot Have Their Own History

Globalization Combined with Fascism or Serves Cannot Have Their Own History
July 08
15:32 2015

One of the numerous reasons of what happened to Ukraine is the globalization combined with fascism. Nowadays it is widespread.

Who had told us about the marching features of socialist society, sameness, totalitarism?

Nowadays people in the capitalistic society look like zombies and grown vegetables without public spirit, morality. Everything that is associated with the national identity, history is unmercifully being destroyed and adjusted under to the “only standard” (of course, the Western one). Anyone who tries to oppose globalization should be necessarily prosecuted.

For example, look at the South Korean government. In many points they serve American interests but this year spring dared to object the US that Koreans have a negative attitude towards the Japanese samurai (maybe it’s only one issue in which  Republic of Korea shows solidarity with North Korea, China and Taiwan in such manner) and there followed a shout from the Washington that serves cannot have their own history and make peace with Japanese people accepting the terms formulated in Washington. It is the recognition of equal responsibility for the war by the Japanese, Korean and Chinese people. That is a national humiliation, threatening injection of discontent and – in case of lack of obedience – to the coup d’état that has repeatedly happened to South Korea.

Or look at Turkey. Turkey nowadays is still serving the interests of American imperialism but also is interested in cooperation with Russia and refuses to join the European Union. As a result we see blackmail again and again.

There are a large number of examples of this type.

On the other hand, it is not enough to offer as conservative Eurasia and Latin America as an alternative way either. Even without wounds of globalism there are a lot of issues in all these countries that are so significant as the capitalist stranglehold, and as well they hinder social development .

The only solution is the essentially new ideology but based on the older one which is being forgotten by the masses. The best example of old, forgotten and constantly  coming to mind is the life in the Soviet Union. You may consider it to be the hint at the future society.

Aleksander Kitaev

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