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From mother to the activists of America

From mother to the activists of America

From mother to the activists of America
June 16
14:47 2015

Dear human rights activists of America,

Defense lawyer Alexei Tarasov within one year was collecting evidence to prove that my son is innocent. My son is pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko, kidnapped from Liberia and covertly transferred to US by DEA and FBI agents. Kidnapped without notifying Russian authorities, transferred to another country, sentenced not for something he did, but for “intentions to commit conspiracy to deliver drugs to US”. That’s nonsense!

Five Liberian citizens and government workers produced official statements that he was framed by DEA agents, tortured and beat up in order to confess something he didn’t do.

Agent Santiago gave statements that Russian citizen did not agreed to anything nor participated in any sort of conspiracy, that DA buried the video and audio tapes proving his innocence, that the whole deal was an incitement by DEA agents for which they’ve received millions of dollars from US Treasury.

When judge Jed Rakoff requested DA to provide the tape and agent Santiago as a witness, NY DA responded that he has no tape and that Santiago was fired from the agency.

Defense attorney has provided every evidence hidden from the jury, including the video tape.

There are officially verified testimony of drug dealer Umeh about innocence of Russian pilot and official documents from General Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine on illegal activities by US agents against Konstantin Yaroshenko.

17 proofs of innocents for the Russian citizen were provided to judge Jed Rakoff, requesting repeal of a sentence set by perjury.

For over 6 months the judge failed to deliver justice. He failed to cancel his inhumane sentence – 20 years in jail for perjurious sentence, made up against the man who committed no crime against the US of A.

Criminal union of DA Preet Bharara and judge Jed Rakoff is a shame on legitimacy and democracy of United States, it’s a conspiracy against human rights, against people imprisoned in US Penitentiary.

By participating in this conspiracy, they prove that they are afraid of a fair trial, fair investigation, without pressing the jury, because then their conspiracy will be revealed, as well as conspiracy of US Court system. Their kidnappings of people and embezzlement of state funds “to serve US’s national security” will be revealed as well. They lie to the world, the deceive their own citizens and they steal American taxpayer!

It is time to deal with them! It’s time to deal with those responsible for people dying in US prisons! Its time to stop their activities and destroy this unholy union!

They are nothing more but mafia bosses, disgracing whole US legitimacy which nobody believes in anymore, because every sentence is based on perjury (as in this case, when agents wanted to receive 1.5 million USD, so they put up perjured testimonies). Judge Rakoff has accepted this script made in DA’s office as a bait. Russian citizen refused to deal with them, because he is innocent. No the judge fails to leave this ordeal with DA, so since he feeds off the same hand, he keeps on doing what they tell him to.

Just look into his eyes and ask him: “You have no shame at all? How do you live? How do you sleep at night?”

Do they – the architects of justice – think of innocent people? Do they think how Lord will punish them, their children, their grandchildren? Don’t they know that they will be punished by Go for all the evil they commit against our children?

It’s time for second thoughts!

Forgive me, for I write being too emotional. That’s probably because I’m 74 years old, my health is being broken by this grief, my eyes are failing because of the tears… But it is nothing in comparison to the health of my son, his physical and mental state, that of a person who felt by himself the “justice” of American courts! 5 years my son rots in US prison, committing no crime against US whatsoever, not even thinking of such thing!

All they wanted was a pilot who could have produce false evidence against another Russian pilot – Viktor Bout, but they have utterly failed. My son has NEVER met Viktor Bout, nor knew him in person, and their paths never crossed at all!

The link has failed, so US Government invented a drug affair, built on lies and perjury of their agents.

I am, the mother, who believes in Lord Almighty, will keep on praying for my son ‘till the very last breath! I will also pray for punishment of those who destroyed my son’s life and health. All of them will suffer the sufferings they’ve employed on us, all of them feel the tears I felt.

Because the words, the tears and the prayers of a mother – God will hear! They will be punished, the murderers of our sons!

Forgive me, oh Lord, I believe you will!

With respect and mother’s bow,

Lubov Mikhailovna Yaroshenko,

12 June 2015

Russia, Rostov-on-Don

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