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Alexander Ionov on TV “Steel Air”

Alexander Ionov on TV “Steel Air”

Alexander Ionov on TV “Steel Air”
April 19
00:13 2015

April 17th Alexander Ionov of the Antiglobalization movement of Russia participated in TV program “Steel Air”. Alexander expressed his opinion on the situation around Russia, emphasizing that the anti-Russian forces in Ukraine are not the only ones out there seeking to destroy Russia.

“The fifth column, for example, which has been summoned to diminish the picture of patriotic forces”.

Alexander draws up a sharp distinction between opposition and 5th column.

“The opposition works for the good of Russian nation, while 5th column works for another state”.

“Our job is to make opposition patriotic. That’s why patriotic forces must unite and actively work together. Only then the fear of “opposition” and 5th column will disappear. We shouldn’t match powers by amount of people taken to the streets”.

“Right now the West trains and arms not only Ukrainian army, but thugs and guerrillas, natural born killers. That is why Novorossia offensive will begin, sooner or later” anticipates Alexander future development around Donetsk and Lugansk people republics.

“Russia tries to uphold peace in Ukraine, calling sides to follow the international law. But, as they say in countries where US Government intervened ‘friendship with US Government is friendship with devil’. That is why Russia must help the people of Donbass”.

“Shooting in Ukraine, they shoot Russia to its leg, doing everything they can so the wound would stay open for as long as possible”.


“Alexander Ionov is completely correct when he says that “Right now the West trains and arms not only Ukrainian army, but thugs and guerrillas.” The US and the Kiev coup government are supporting the same brand of Nazis that we fought together in World War II. The military exercises and training that the US and NATO are conducting are not only aimed to bring Ukraine further into their political orbit but to surround Russia and eventually topple the Russian government, which it sees as an obstacle to its continued economic and political expansion and control of the world.”

Joe Lombardo, UNAC

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