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Texan Butcher

Texan Butcher

Texan Butcher
February 22
13:00 2015

“Despite what your momma told you, violence does solve problems.”

Chris Kyle.

Throughout the decades, American presidents are performing “witch hunt”, skillfully playing the right geopolitical cards in various regions of the world. After humiliating campaign in Vietnam, that took lives of many good soldiers, politicians in the US begun to realize that new tactics of military interventions is necessary.

Russian box office just released new feature film called “American Sniper”, telling story of a soldier Christopher Scott “Chris” Kyle who saw his duty from 1999 to 2009 as a SEAL – an elite special operation unite for US Navy. After 4 tours of duty in Iraq, he became the most successful sniper in the history of US military. Confirmed kill of over 160 Iraqi militants (or 255, according to different source).

Successes of Kyle made him popular among his fellow compatriots, as well as his enemies: Islamic militants called him “Al-Shaitan Ramadi” (“The Devil of Ramadi”) and offered a bounty for his head.

In his autobiography, Chris describes in details his service in SEAL Team 3 and his personal participation in military operations on the territory of Iraq, about his sniper colleagues and about special aspects of sniper duty in conditions of counterterrorist war. He also describes his personal life, particularity his relations to his wife Taya.

In the eyes of many Americans, Kyle is a hero, but for many families in Iraq he’s a curse and a murderer. Yes, he was performing his military duties, but not in his own country, nor in a place where people really need the help of American army, but in country, which undergone military intervention by improper means, without any regards to international laws. The Global community remembers Security Council session, when Colin Powell was shaking some strange sample tube in front of his colleagues, trying to legitimize intervention to Iraq. Yet, the history puts everything on its place and today we know, that it was a regular powder, that the only WMDs in Iraq was limit contingent of US military, and the rest menaces were retreating before the US military activity, sent “to fight terrorism”.

After tragic events in the Ukraine, many Russians have lost the illusions of US general line in foreign policy, directed at collapse of Russia and destabilization of Eurasian region. Zbigniew Brzezinski claimed that its is possible to affect the youth through culture, making them adopt any kind of world perception or ideology. This is what have been done throughout last 20 years. Clint Eastwood, who filmed “American Sniper”, pursued several goals, and one of them is a cultural intervention. This movie an attempt to justify military crimes and increase the authority of US military in the world.

We’re bound to protect our society from such films and to demand from our ministry of culture to initiate additional checks, because we see, that aggression and ethnic dissension are the core of this particular movie’s script.

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