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EXCLUSIVE: Paul Roberts on US-Russia relationship & ISIS

EXCLUSIVE: Paul Roberts on US-Russia relationship & ISIS

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EXCLUSIVE: Paul Roberts on US-Russia relationship & ISIS
February 09
13:46 2015

This is preliminary interview SI has conducted with Paul Craig Roberts – a famous political journalist and author of “The End of Oil” (2004), “The End of Food” (2008) and “How America Was Lost” (2014).

SI: What is your opinion on further pressure on Russia from US and EU countries?

P.R.: At this time I do not know the outcome of the meeting in Moscow between Merkel, Hollande, and Putin.
Probably, Merkel and Hollande are disturbed by the aggressive position that Washington has taken toward Russia and are fearful that Washington is pushing Europe into a conflict that Europe does not want.  However, Merkel and Hollande cannot resolve the NATO/EU/Ukraine situation unless Merkel and Hollande are willing to break with Washington’s foreign policy and assert the right as sovereign states to conduct their own foreign policy.  I doubt that Merkel and Hollande are this brave.  Therefore, the most likely, although not certain, outcome of the Putin-Merkel-Hollande meeting will just be more meetings. As Merkel and Hollande are not negotiating from a position of independence, the most likely outcome after more meetings will be that Merkel and Hollande will say that they tried to reason with Putin but that Putin was unreasonable.

Based on Lavrov’s meeting in Munich with the Europeans, the hope for any sign of intelligence and independence in Europe seems misplaced.  Russian diplomacy relied on European independence, but
as Putin has acknowledged Europe shows no independence from Washington.  Putin has said that negotiating with vassals is pointless. Yet, Putin continues to do so.

Washington does not recognize any valid interest except its own.  Therefore, it is useless for Russia to negotiate with Washington and Washington’s EU vassals.  To come to an agreement with Washington requires Russia’s surrender to Washington’s terms.  Russia must hand over Crimea and stand aside while the Russian people in eastern and southern Ukraine, the “break-away” provinces, are slaughtered.  Russia must support the hostile regime in Kiev with loans, grants, and low gas prices.

That is the only deal Russia can get from Washington.  So why is Russia wasting its time talking to the West?
The only outcome of Russia’s diplomacy with the West is to give the West more time to build up its armaments and create more propaganda against Russia that justifies pre-emptive war against “the Russian threat.”

I see two clear options for Russia.  One is to disengage totally from the West.  The entirety of the West is a morally depraved  and economically bankrupt entity.  There is no reason for a decent country like Russia to wish to be integrated with the evil that is the West.  Russia has the option of abandoning the dollar payments system and all financial relationships with the West.  By trying to be part of the West, Russia made a strategic error.  Russia found herself dependent on Western financial systems that gave Washington power over Moscow and allowed Washington to place economic sanctions on Russia.  It was Russia’s desire to be
part of the West that made possible Washington’s sanctions and Washington’s propaganda against Russia.
It was Russia’s desire to be accepted by the West that produced the weak Russian response to Washington’s coup in Kiev.  Washington is using Ukraine against Russia.  Washington is not going to permit an arrangement in which the “break-away” provinces are autonomous republics of Ukraine.

Russia’s other clear option is to destroy NATO by ceasing immediately to sell energy resources to NATO members.  Why should Russia empower its obvious enemies?  Russia could also encourage Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal to default on their loans and rely on Russia, China, and the BRICS Bank for financing.
Russia should also default on its loans to the West. Why should Russia pay an enemy that is trying to destroy her?

At some point Russia will either have to surrender to Washington or demonstrate decisive action that
causes Europe to abandon Washington.  Alternatively, Russia can forget about the corrupt West and integrate with China and the East.

SI: What is your opinion about ISIS situation in Syria and Iraq?

P.R.: The Islamic State was created out of the Islamist forces that Washington assembled against Gaddafi in Libya. These forces were then sent to overthrow Assad in Syria.  As Muslims flocked to ISIS’s banner and its military prowess grew, ISIS realized that it was a new and independent force consisting of radicalized Muslims.
Radicalized Muslims are tired of Western domination and control of Muslim lands.  Out of ISIS’s self-awareness, a new state has been created.

It is stupid of Iran and Russia to help Washington defeat this new enemy of the West.  It shows that both
Iran and Russia do not yet fully appreciate the danger to their very existence that resides in Washington as Sauron gathers up the rings in order to control them all.

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