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Sweden protest against Nazis of Ukraine

Sweden protest against Nazis of Ukraine

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Sweden protest against Nazis of Ukraine
February 02
03:26 2015

We Donbass United (Donbassföreningen) Malmö, Revolutionary Communist Youth and Swedish Communist Youth are organizing protests in attention to what took place in Kiev on February 21.
February 21 was a Western-backed fascist-influenced coup in the country that was in addition the whole procedure was a violation of the Ukrainian Constitution.

Coup has resulted in the following.

  • A civil war with at least 4300 dead and great destruction of homes, hospitals and other civilian targets.
  • Violent persecution of communists, socialists, Russian-speaking and all others who oppose the coup, the war against its own people and neoliberal policies.
  • A strong organized and strong militarized right-wing extremism with the result of the groups Azov Battalion
  • An economy is bankrupt.


We ask all who hate Kiev junta to take part in our manifestation.

Stop Nazism, save Eastern Ukraine!


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